Why CMOs Will Be the Most Important Executives in 2018

To today’s consumer, products and brands are plaited into a single entity. Thus, a company’s “product” now encompasses a consumer’s brand perception, interaction with its products, and affinity for its communities.

How to Visualize Cause and Effect in Local Brand Marketing

Mark Stouse, CEO and co-founder of Proof Analytics, says there are ways for chief marketing officers to gird themselves in case of market downturns by using data to support their value to the businesses they serve. This is especially critical, he says given the growing control over tech spending that CMOs now command.

How an Italian Wafer Brand Targets U.S. Moms and Millennial Foodies on a Local Level

Crystal Black Davis, the VP of marketing at Loacker USA, recently spoke with Street Fight about her challenge in bringing an established brand to a new market and finding customers on a local level.

How Red Wing Shoes Finds Its Stride in Brand Marketing

Even with a history that spans more than 110 years, the company cannot take for granted that its product will remain front and center with buyers. Dave Schneider, Red Wing’s CMO, spoke with Street Fight recently about keeping the brand connected to its audience and the Wall of Honor, which lets customers share stories about their trusty, well-worn boots.