Restaurant POS System Trends to Look Out for in 2019

2019 is all about connectivity when it comes to POS systems. The role of the POS system, used primarily for billing, has evolved into an operations hub that connects all your online order sources, guest-facing technology, and your kitchen (via Kitchen Display Systems). It’s the foundation of a technical system that helps you manage your restaurant operations better on the whole. Here are the cutting-edge trends.

The Future of AI Is Here: Reflections on IBM Think

Damian Rollison: Among hundreds of sessions, exhibits, and demos, one theme came through clearly at IBM Think this month in San Francisco: for large enterprises especially, the AI-driven future for which we’ve been told to prepare is already here. In fact, enterprise companies are using IBM’s Watson technologies today to address a myriad of challenges inherent in the scale of those businesses.

5 Platforms Connecting Local Customers to their Online Footprints

More than half of marketers expect cross-channel measurement and attribution to occupy most of their time, attention, and resources in the coming year. Many of these marketers will be exploring new technologies that close the loop on attribution and unlock the hidden connections between web viewing sessions and in-store purchases around the globe.

5 Reasons Why Local Marketing Will Mature in 2016

The past few years have seen the introduction of a whole universe of new tools designed to address individual aspects of digital marketing. In 2016, we will see a shift away from many of these discreet, single-purpose tools toward more comprehensive marketing solutions, DataSphere’s Gary Cowan predicts. Here’s a look at five ways SMB local marketing will mature in the coming year.

#SFSNYC: Beyond the Check-In: Big Data Analytics and the Evolution of Foursquare

Dennis Crowley started Foursquare in 2009 from his kitchen in Manhattan with a lofty vision: Amass enough data to map out specific areas, build a location-based recommendation engine, and create navigation software. But when the company introduced gaming dynamics to encourage check-ins, that’s what it became known for. Today, Foursquare’s ambitions and vision lie well beyond the check-in.

Online Reviews Providing Insights That Help Brands Compete

The evidence is in. Reviews on social media have a material impact on the capital investments made by nationwide brands. The key is strength in numbers: A national brand will be more likely to have the critical mass of reviews required in order to move beyond anecdotal evidence and glean statistically significant results.

Better Use of Data Could Dramatically Alter Local Digital Sales

Data is a core principle of digital marketing today, yet when it comes to local, big data has not penetrated very deeply where the sales process is concerned. All of that is about to change with the appearance of multiple companies trying to put data at the center of the way digital marketing is presented and sold to local businesses.

Street Fight Daily: Groupon Will Cut 1,100 Jobs, LivingSocial is Planning a Comeback

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Groupon to Cut 1,100 Jobs, Pull Out of 7 Countries (Chicago Tribune)… The Resurrection of LivingSocial (DCInno)… The Commoditization of Ad Tech — How the Cross-Device Landscape is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better (Medium)…

Europe’s adsquare Unlocks More Data in New ‘Marketplace’ for Hyper-Contextual Advertising

For brands and retailers, it’s evident that the battle to win customers will be fought with data — lots of it. But more data could also be too much of a good thing. A new self-service offering from Berlin-based adsquare aims to help advertisers “navigate the data deluge.”

Swipely CEO: We Want to Provide the Operating Platform That Restaurants Run On

“If you’re not going to fundamentally improve the guest experience, then there’s really no motivation for either the consumer to change the way that they’re buying in the restaurant or for the merchant to replace the operating practices they have,” said Swipely CEO Angus Davis about mobile payments.

With New Dashboards, Factual Puts a Face on Its Data

Factual is making a bigger push into the media business. The data company has released a new self-service tool to allow agencies, publishers and demand-side platforms to segment and build audiences using the company’s location analytics toolset…

Street Fight Daily: Yelp’s Case Against Google, Urban Airship CEO Resigns

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyLeaked Documents Show How Yelp Thinks It’s Getting Screwed By Google (TechCrunch)… CEO Of Startup Urban Airship Leaves Company After Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend (BusinessInsider)… Finding Ways to Use Big Data to Help Small Shops (New York Times)…

How Hyperlocal Publishers Can Take Advantage of the Data Gold Rush

The sources of the explosion of big data, retail benefits and opportunities for journalism are well known. Perhaps less so are the benefits for hyperlocal publishers of embracing this trend. Here are five things to consider when exploring how to reap the benefits of the data explosion…

What Real-Time Computing Means for Local Commerce

Earlier this month, SAP, the german business software giant, announced that it plans to put a version of its real-time analytics software Hana online. The computing platform is one of a number of new analytics products that use so-called in-memory processing — a reference to a computer’s temporary, or working memory — to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data in an instant, allowing businesses to draw insights and make decisions in a matter of milliseconds…

Street Fight Daily: Staples Ditches Bricks, Flickr Founder Goes Hyperlocal

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyStaples to Close 225 Stores as Sales Move Online (New York TimesS)… Flickr Co-Founder Seeks Another Hit With New Findery App (Reuters)… Yahoo Rolling Out Indoor Maps (SearchEngineLand)…

Street Fight Daily: Square Valuation Hits $5B, NFC’s Continued Decline

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.Square Valuation Rises to $5bn (Financial Times)… Au Revoir NFC? Carrier Bouygues Reportedly Cools on Contactless Payments (GigaOm)… What Secrets Your Phone Is Sharing About You (Wall Street Journal)…

Street Fight Daily: Seamless Eyes IPO, LivingSocial In 2014

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologySeamless Eyeing IPO For 2014 (The Deal)… O’Shaughnessy: Ticket Monster Sale ‘Sets 2014 Up To Be Nothing Like 2013’ (Washington Business Journal)… Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman Takes on Critics in Freewheeling Reddit AMA (Mashable)…

Big Data and Local Search: The Netflix Precedent

We’ve entered an era when product decisions can be made not by analysis of demographics or user testing but by extremely fine-tuned measurements of current user activities. For local search, the question becomes just how many of our passive online activities can be converted into data points to be examined for purposes of marketing and product development?

Street Fight Daily: Groupon Pays Up, Yelp Shines in Apple Maps

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Groupon Promising Merchants “Lowest Cost” Payments Service (And It’s Using an iPhone) (All Things D)… You May Hate Apple Maps, But the Yelp Integration is Something to Love (Venture Beat)… How Better Location Data Could Mean More-targeted Mobile Ads (GigaOm)…

How Big Data and Augmented Reality Are Transforming Hyperlocal

Behind the most innovative hyperlocal technology companies is likely a Hadoop cluster — an open-source distributive data framework, which allows companies to collect and analyze data at scale. Street Fight recently caught up with Cloudera’s VP of technology solutions Omer Trajman and solutions architect Patrick Angeles to discuss how “big data” is continuing to change the game in hyperlocal…