5 Things to Know About Amazon’s Fast-Growing Ad Biz

Search “Amazon advertising,” and the first webpage you’ll find comes from the e-commerce giant itself. The pitch? In a phrase: “Reach millions of customers who find, discover, and buy at Amazon.” It doesn’t get much more compelling than that. Here are five things you need to know about the most legitimate challenge to Google and Facebook’s digital ad dominance. 

Womply: Prime Day Coincides with Bump in Small Retailer Revenue

It would make sense to assume that Amazon’s e-commerce extravaganza results in a decline in foot traffic for brick-and-mortar retailers, especially small ones. Womply’s data science team has intel that says otherwise.

Prime Day Showcases the Power of an E-Commerce Empire—And What It Means for Local

Prime Day underscores Amazon’s power in the retail market because it compels the over 100 million consumers who pay for that service to make the most of their investment by purchasing directly from Amazon. Local businesses are hardly in a position to compete.

Deliv CEO: ‘We’re Selling the Picks and Shovels’ for Brick-and-Mortar Gold Rush

Deliv CEO and Founder Daphne Carmeli — who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West tomorrow in San Francisco — caught up with us recently to talk about what sets today’s delivery startups apart from their fallen predecessors.

Street Fight Daily: Product Ads Come to Google Image Search, Weighing Bots’ Promise

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google Product Listing Ads Officially Launch in Image Search… MCX, the Big Retailer Answer to Apple Pay, Announces Layoffs and Another Product Delay… Amazon Launches Restaurant Delivery in Manhattan with More Than 350 Eateries

Small Businesses Aren’t Afraid of Amazon — And You Shouldn’t Be Either

Yes, Amazon is a giant. But as long as you continue to innovate and keep your hand on the pulse of independent business needs, it’s not going to kill your business. Here’s why.