7 Ways to Use AI Responsibly for Multi-Location Marketing

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AI is no longer a thing of the future. It’s something that’s here—and it’s here to stay. In fact, more than 80% of marketers are currently using AI tools. But what are some practical applications of AI for multi-location marketing and how can you use it to streamline processes and improve campaigns?

We’re sharing seven ways you can (and should!) use AI for multi-location marketing, plus some considerations to use it effectively.

How to use AI for multi-location marketing

Go through this list and determine the ways your multi-location business can use AI the right way.

1. Targeting and segmentation

AI can be extremely helpful when it comes to analyzing large data sets. You can use this for your multi-location marketing to help with targeting and segmentation for your campaigns.

For example, you can use an AI tool to analyze customer data for all your locations to determine demographic characteristics that align throughout most of your customers. You can then use these insights to build buyer personas and inform ad copy, offers, and more that you’re able to run successfully across locations.

You can also use this information to segment your audiences for email marketing, targeted offers, and more.

By using AI to analyze large data sets, you can streamline a huge piece of your multi-location marketing and get actionable next steps and optimizations.

2. Campaign optimization

Speaking of optimizations, AI can help optimize campaigns based on what’s performing best for specific audiences. AI can analyze campaigns to determine specific aspects, such as creative, messaging, or targeting, that are driving the best results. It can even provide recommendations for tweaks to make to your campaigns for improved performance.

This can help you increase productivity, which 64% of businesses expect AI will help with.

3. Personalization

You can use AI tools to personalize aspects of your multi-location marketing with ease. This can be as simple as personalizing email messages in subject lines and body copy or as precise as targeting specific messages to specific users using the data analysis function we covered earlier.

You can also use AI to analyze your existing campaigns to see if specific messages or offers are working best for your audience. From there, you can further drill into your messaging to home in on the pieces that will resonate best with your specific audience at a location level.

4. Automating email campaigns

Managing email marketing campaigns and lead nurture across locations can be extremely difficult and time consuming. AI can help you automate email marketing campaigns and nurture campaigns by triggering email sends based on a lead or customer’s action, location in the marketing funnel, or other set timeframe or trigger action.

This could include a specific time since their last visit or appointment, appointment reminders, or seasonal campaigns.

By automating email campaigns and lead nurture using AI, you can feel confident that your customers and leads are being engaged with on an ongoing basis—which hopefully translates to more repeat customers and conversions.

5. AI chat

One of the best applications of AI for multi-location marketing is AI chat. By adding chat to your website, you can capture lead contact information, offer information that moves leads through the funnel, and provide a helpful customer service touchpoint for your customers.

By adding AI chat to your multi-location marketing arsenal, you can also free up time for your customer support reps or location-specific employees.

6. Social media support

AI has many practical applications when it comes to social media, and you can use many of these to your advantage.

One of the most obvious is social media post ideation and creation. In fact, 42% of businesses using AI are using it to create social media content. You can feed a tool like ChatGPT prompts with information about the types of posts you’re looking for and ask it to create an option for each of your locations. This can drastically speed up the social post creation process and allow you to personalize posts for each site.

Many social media tools have included AI integrations that help you determine the best time to post. AI analyzes your posts to see when they generate the most engagement and then uses that data to suggest future times to post—or some tools even auto-post for you at the suggested times.

You can also use AI to help with image creation. Many tools allow you to use a text to image feature that can go along with your social post. Just make sure to check the image—most AI tools (especially the free ones) still haven’t fully mastered this piece.

7. Content ideation

The best way to use AI for content marketing is to use it for ideation rather than full creation, especially if you’re creating content for multi-location SEO. This allows you to streamline some aspects of the content creation process, such as topic research, creating outlines, coming up with meta descriptions, and more, without jeopardizing the expertise and experience needed to create content that ranks well on search engines.

You can use tools like ChatGPT or Jasper.AI to develop topic ideas or outlines based on your prompts and information about your business.

You can also use these tools to localize your content so you can improve your local SEO based on content you’ve already created.

Using AI responsibly

While AI can help with many aspects of your multi-location marketing, there are still some hesitations around using it. In fact, over 75% of consumers are concerned about misinformation from AI. And there are, as always, privacy concerns around how data is shared and stored within these AI tools.

Be sure to adhere to privacy laws and any data protection policies your business has as you use AI. You may even need to develop rules of engagement for your business for how you use AI, share your customer data, and allow AI to analyze information about your customers.

AI for multi-location marketing success

AI can simplify many aspects of your multi-location marketing tasks and planning–when used responsibly. By taking advantage of the things AI does well, you can improve your efficiency, cut down on time, and maximize your marketing results.

To learn more about how businesses are using AI in marketing right now, check out this infographic from LocaliQ.

Stephanie Heitman is the Associate Director of Content for LocaliQ, a growth marketing platform that helps businesses find, convert, and keep more customers. Find her work—along with the latest marketing insights, tips, and tricks—on the LocaliQ blog or the WordStream blog.