Innovation Brief: Yum Brands, Discord, and Robots

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Welcome to Street Fight’s new Innovation Brief series. On a semi-weekly basis, it aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at text-to-order QSR, Microsoft’s Discord ambitions, and Boston Dynamics’ latest. 

These insights come from digital agency M7 Innovations. Founder Matt Maher* synthesizes his perspective from the trenches of digital experience creation. See the full episode and summary notes below, and stay tuned for semi-weekly episodes. Let’s dive in…

???? Yum Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) acquired a startup that specializes in text-to-order, executing transactions within sixty seconds. 

???? Discord is the popular communication app where creators + communities ‘hang out’ online, and Microsoft is desperate to add it to its portfolio. We discuss why.

???? Boston Dynamics is at it again with their new ‘Stretch’ warehouse robot. Will it replace human jobs? Yes. We explain why that’s not a bad thing.  

*See Maher’s upcoming appearance at Street Fight Summit

Mike Boland has been a tech & media analyst for the past two decades, specifically covering mobile, local, and emerging technologies. He has written for Street Fight since 2011. More can be seen at