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Among digital media formats, some of the greatest growth over the past five years has been in gaming. That includes mobile gaming, console gaming, and of course the explosion of eSports and streaming through networks like Twitch. All of this has inflected further in the Covid era.

Tracing these trends back to the advertising and commerce worlds that Street Fight covers, the appetite for gaming has inspired ad tech players to maximize interactivity through, among other methods, the gamification of advertising. Gamification and other interactive features can breed deeper levels of engagement, response, and brand recall.

This is where AdColony lives. The company specializes in gamified and highly interactive mobile display ads. According to AdColony’s Jonathan Harrop, the latest guest on Street Fight’s Heard on the Street Podcast, this interactivity is indeed proving to deepen engagement and boost key ad metrics.

This trend goes beyond interactive ads that are classified as “games.” Interactivity can also mean animated sequences that the user controls or clickable elements to find out more about a product. For example, the interactivity trend includes car ads that let you tap on various parts of the car to find out details and specs.

We discuss how the company is doing this on the latest episode of Heard on the Street. Listen above, find out more about Heard on the Street, and see our episode archive hereContact us if you’d like to sponsor an episode, and check out Street Fight’s media kit for the full slate of visibility options.

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