Video Marketing: A Definitive Guide for Fitness Businesses

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There’s a good chance that you’ve seen competitor brands using video marketing and that you’ve heard it’s the next big thing. You may, however, not be sure if it really is a viable option for your fitness business.

If this sounds like you, keep reading. 

I’ll share all you need to know about using video marketing for your brand. I’ll cover how you can develop a video marketing strategy, types of videos you can create, and bonus tips to help you elevate your video content. You can also get male enhancement pills here on this website and check out more products.

But first, let’s look at why video really is the next big thing.

Video is booming

It may have been easy to overlook how fast video has become a staple in our lives. Take YouTube. Did you know that over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to the video-sharing platform every minute?

And while that’s a gargantuan number, research shows that people consume over 16 hours of video every week. It’s also no surprise. Since Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn evolved to make video a core component of social feeds and interactions, people have embraced the phenomenon. Facebook alone gets almost eight billion video views per day.

And that’s not all. Video has become a strong motivator for consumers. Studies show that 84% of people are more interested in a product after watching a product video. 

But what’s really at the heart of this drive toward video is the medium itself. It’s far more engaging than text or images. The combination of imagery and audio is powerful. In fact, a study shows that more people would rather watch a video than read a blog post. 

How to develop a video strategy

Getting started with video for your fitness brand isn’t as hard as you may think. It will require grasping a few new ideas, but like anything else, it’s learnable. 

Before you invest in a camera and hit record, you’ll have to think about video marketing strategy. As with all marketing, you must know what your objectives are and how they support your business goals. 

Do you want to attract more new customers? Do you want to sell a range of products you’ve just launched? Whatever your goals, be sure to write them down as a first step. 

Next, pull back the layers on whom you’re targeting. The smartest marketers on the planet know that you cannot market a brand or product/service without knowing who your ideal customer is and why your solution is the perfect fit for them. 

Where to start?

Identify Your Ideal Customer(s)

If you haven’t yet, create a persona document. Personas provide marketers with a clear understanding of their ideal customers. They include all the characteristics your ideal customer has and are based on research and conversations with people to whom you sell your products and services.

Personas include challenges, needs, wants, desires, and pain points your ideal customer has. They also share the values buyers hold about themselves and your product/services.

If you need to get started on your persona(s), download a copy of DigitalMarketer’s Customer Avatar sheet. It’s free and will guide you through the process of identifying your ideal customer(s) and what moves them.

Think Transformation

Creating effective marketing videos has to do with what your clients want out of the experience. In better words, people don’t buy products and services; they want to actualize transformations. When you think of each video you create as an opportunity to create a transformation, you’ll create content that your audience resonates with.

Understanding what your ideal customer wants may seem hard to determine. A simple and effective way is to use the Before and After Grid. It helps you establish the before and after states of your customer. 

Knowing what your customer is thinking and feeling before they encounter your video and how your video should influence their after states helps you create content your audience will find hard to look away from.

Get your hands on a copy of the before and after grid here.

Different Types of Videos You Can Create

Wondering what to shoot? Here’s a collection of eight video ideas (with examples) that you can create for your fitness business.

Showcase Your Facilities and Team

Give prospects an idea of what your gym has to offer with a walk-through video. MGM Scotland is a boxing club. They produced an 11-minute video to share their facilities. In it, you see their facilities and get to meet staff and clients.

Tips from Your Team

Most people who join gyms don’t have enough education or a plan to help them generate results. Tips from staff can go a long way to helping new and prospective members gain from visiting your fitness business. 

In one video, Stuart Woods, Head Coach at Reddam GC, shares how he puts a TeamGym routine together. If you’re an aspiring gymnast, seeing that video will likely make you want to learn more about Reddam GC.

Product Reviews and Diet Plans

Jeff Cavaliere launched his YouTube channel back in 2006. Since then, he’s generated over 1.3 billion views and has over 9.31 million followers. Jeff also owns a gym and he knows that producing content helps promote his brand and sell products. In this video, he talks about the importance of supplements and dieting. 

Provide Reasons to Join Your Gym

Often, people looking to make a change need a little motivation. Creating a video with reasons to join your gym can help. In his video, Coach Joe Riggio shared a moving story about how his clients’ lives changed for the better after joining his gym. 


Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. It helps buyers looking to make a purchase feel comfortable taking action. RX Gym shares how joining their gym has improved the lives of some of their members.

Classes and Training

Sticking to the same fitness routine isn’t always fun. Introducing something new can change that. Recording videos that showcase certain movements or give clients and prospects an idea of what to expect can lead to greater demand for your services. 

Vigor Ground Functional Fitness Training Center created a video titled “14 Fun Fitness Partner Games For Group Workouts” to inspire members and their audience.

How to Use Equipment

Joining a gym can be daunting. It’s a new space filled with equipment and technology you may not know how to use. Creating a series of how-to videos for members and prospects can help alleviate their anxiety. 

Planet Fitness put this short video together on how to use a treadmill. It’s generated over 56k views, proof that people needed to see it. 

Personal Workout Videos

Personal workout videos make it easier to learn how to perform movements without fear or injury. Like many other fitness businesses, Jeff sells health and fitness programs online. 

In his “7-Minute Abs” workout video, he shares exactly how to isolate muscles and explains why it works. Videos like these educate members, giving them the knowledge to get the most out of their memberships.

Pro Tip: If you want to take your video creation to the next level, you can create an entire online course for sale and distribute it via over-the-top or OTT apps. They give customers the chance to view your content on their smartphones, PCs, or devices like AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV, and FireTV.

Bonus Tips

If you’re new to creating videos, you may find the process a little challenging. You may also want to find ways to produce even better and more successful content. Here are five tips that will help.

Share Your Videos in the Right Places

Creating a great video is one thing; getting eyes to it is another equally important part. After all, if nobody sees your video, nobody gets your message. 

Share your videos in all the places you know your audience visits. These places can include:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Websites and forums

Run ads

Paid media is effective. It allows you to reach more of your audience faster. Unlike organic content, where you rely on algorithms to position your content above others in search results, paid ads can place your videos in front of your persona instantly.

Try it. You can run ads on all social platforms and sites where your audience is present. 

Stay Top-of-Mind by Producing Videos Consistently 

Video is one of the many content formats. If you want to use it to attract more customers, you’ll need to be consistent. Create a list of ideas, a calendar, and commit to producing and sharing videos regularly. 

The more you share content regularly, the greater the chance that your brand will stay top-of-mind with your audience. 

Speak to Customers for Ideas

While you can create a long list of video ideas, don’t neglect your audience. Ask them what they want more of. You can do so by running a poll or asking people to use the comments section to send ideas.

Learn From Your Results

Marketing is a science. You can learn what works best with your personas and what to produce more of. Pay attention to your metrics. For example, if you’re on YouTube, this means knowing what your watch time is, which types of video get the most likes, shares, and comments, and when the best time is to publish new content.

PJ Taei is founder and president of Uscreen.