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It’s probably fair to say that digital distribution and measurement have accomplished their takeover of media and advertising. Fifteen years ago, print ruled in priority and political capital at magazine and newspaper publishers. Their digital and online counterparts were mostly an afterthought.

Now the situation is reversed in many respects. Digital gets all the attention. And rightly so: it legitimately has more robust capability to do things like target audiences and measure results. But we often forget that print media still holds advantages like premium status and deeper engagement.

The ideal approach in advertising is to cherry-pick the best of both worlds. This is where MNI Targeted Media, with a specialty in premium print channels like magazines coupled with targeting expertise, stakes its claim to relevance. MNI director of planning and strategy, Tommy Shaw, joins us on the latest episode of Heard on the Street (listen above).

“[We] allow advertisers on a local or regional level to basically bundle national magazines and reach their audiences on a geo-targeted basis,” Shaw said. “So whether it’s a new product rollout of a national company or a healthcare system that might be available in two DMAs, they’re able to still get that premium distribution of a national magazine but have their geo-targeted message.”

Meredith-owned MNI also works in OTT television and is aligned with the broadcast properties of the Meredith Local Media Group (LMB). It targets political topics, issues of particular concern to women, and a few other key verticals, and it’s intent on expanding into additional topical areas such as cannabis.

“We’ve been in the process of launching a solution for the cannabis industry,” Shaw told us. “We’re kind of working our way there […] We feel that’s obviously another growing area that’s only going to take off even more. Having something to bring to the space that’s a differentiator is a goal of ours.”

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