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Brands want to engage consumers. Though that’s an obvious statement and a universal truth, how it happens is a moving target that shifts with consumer technology. Success in the ad tech world requires intellectual curiosity about emerging tech and a desire to dig into the details.

Factual VP of Agency & Strategic Partnerships Ocean Fine considers that curiosity essential to her success and the victories of any company in ad tech. The latest guest on Street Fight’s Heard on the Street Podcast, she’s inspired by the smartphone’s transformation and advises marketing execs to be attack-ready for all emerging tech.

“Always be learning, always ask questions, always do new things,” she told us. “It’s always helped me in my career to be in roles where I had to dig in and manage customers through new technologies and understand the nuances of them … not just look at things from a high level.”

Factual, one of many companies in the location intelligence space, emphasizes offline foot traffic and “visitation insights.” Tracking the elusive online-to-offline buying journey is the name of the game, and Factual touts the advantage of a 300-million device observation graph.

“We have data across 52 countries and over 130 million places, and we understand the exact location of each place,” said Fine. “We connect that to our observation graph data that has information on over 300 million devices. That allows us to understand how people are moving through the world and [enables what] we call ‘place attachment,’ which is to attach people to physical places in a very confident way.”

That strategy seems to be working. On the heels of its recently launched Measurement Intelligence product, Factual has announced that its measurement business has experienced 407% year-over-year growth. At the same time, it’s accomplished 215% year-over-year customer growth.

Check out the episode above. We’ll be back in Part II of the interview to discuss how Factual is working with some of the macro trends in brand advertising, such as the continued move toward in-house advertising and overall brand evolution in a tech-fueled era.

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