RhythmOne Introduces Linear TV Attribution Partnership with Placed

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Marketing technology end-to-end platform RhythmOne announced an expansion of its relationship with attribution solution Placed this week, incorporating linear tv measurements into their already existing partnership. The move comes as the holiday season approaches and aims to further improve brick-and-mortar retail client understanding of the links between advertising and in-store visits, said Christine Kunz, RhythmOne’s director of product marketing.

87.7 percent of total retail spending is projected for brick-and-mortar businesses during the holiday season, illustrating the importance of omnichannel attribution to ensure efficient media spend, according to a RhythmOne blog post.

“Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a lot of our clients not just shift, but also grow from just digital … to more linear-type buyers… They need to better understand how their linear campaign and their digital campaign link to in-store outcomes,” Kunz said.

“The partnership with RhythmOne represents an early trend in the industry, where measurement is expanding beyond individual media silos to omni-channel, where a linear TV ad’s performance to store visit can be compared against a OTT ad, or digital ad,” wrote Placed CEO David Shim in an email to Street Fight.

RhythmOne has worked with Placed for about three years. “We have always had a strong connection with Placed … because measurement is so important to our brand advertisers and our marketers,” Kunz said.

While the latest partnership is not specifically geared toward small businesses, it will help brick-and-mortar retailers more effectively invest their media dollars, Shim wrote.

In addition to the deepened Placed partnership, RhythmOne has onboarded nearly 10 different solutions over the last year and a half to help its clients understand in-store outcomes. In the future, “we’re going to continue to innovate in the space and work with different vendors in order to give our clients a holistic view,” Kunz said.

RhythmOne deploys and executes media plans for a range of clients, including brick-and-mortar retail, while Placed offers location measurement and offline attribution products.

Anna Kramer is a staff writer at Street Fight.