Raise Report: Alpha, Neighborhood Goods, ConDati Secure New Funding

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Every two or three weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech.

May 23: Platform.sh Locks Down $34 Million to Simplify the Cloud
Partech Ventures led the Series C round, TechCrunch reported. Platform.sh helps enterprises get the most out of the cloud experience while avoiding its technical complexities and operational pitfalls. The company will accelerate its product roadmap. 

May 25: Sentry Raises $16 Million to Keep Developers On Track
NEA and Accel led the round, according to Sentry’s blog. Sentry helps developers identify errors in their programming so as to avoid pain points before users notice them. Sentry will use the funding to build out its solution’s capabilities, fixing more issues that developers encounter.

May 29: OnTruck Rakes In $28.8 Million to Disrupt Freight Ecosystem
Cathay Innovation led the Series B round, Reuters reported. OnTruck matches users with freight loads in need of shipping with vendors who have vehicles available. The funds will help the company, which originated in Spain, expand across Europe.

May 29: Riminder Scores $2.3 Million to Enable AI-Powered Recruitment
Angels including Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Romain Niccoli, Xavier Niel, Thibaud Elzi√®re, Fred Potter, Franck Le Ouay, and Dominique Vidal participated in the round, HR Technologist reported. Riminder’s solution allows enterprises to sort applications swiftly, a Sisyphean task for big companies that receive thousands of apps a year. The funds will allow Riminder to open its first U.S. office.

May 30: Alpha Secures $10 Million for ‘Product Validation Platform’
Crosslink Capital Ventures, Calibrate Ventures, Spider Capital, and Cendana Capital participated in the round, VentureBeat reported. Calling itself a ‘product validation platform,’ Alpha provides a data-based solution allowing companies to determine the probable success of new products in given markets. 

May 31: Neighborhood Goods Snaps Up $5.75 Million for Department Store of the Future
Forerunner Ventures led the round of seed funding, TechCrunch reported. Neighborhood Goods allows brands to set up shop in its store, creating attractive booths that can lure customers in for novel experiences instead of simply laying out items in typical fashion. The company is set to open its first location in Texas.

May 31: ConDati Snags $4.75 Million for Digital Marketing Analytics
Jeff Webber of The Entrepreneurs’ Fund was among the round’s investors, VentureBeat reported. ConDati aims to provide its clients a ‘holistic view’ of their marketing results. The funding will help ConDati build out its offerings.

Joe Zappa is Street Fight’s managing editor.

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