Street Fight Daily: Waze Launches Local Ads Program, Kohl’s Doubles Down on Amazon Partnership

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Waze Launches Ad Program to Connect Drivers & Small Businesses (TechCrunch)
With the launch of Waze Local, Google-owned navigation app Waze is offering small businesses a way to market themselves to consumers  on the road.

Identifying a New Breed of Consumers—What Retailers Should Know (Street Fight)
“Successful brands need to engage with conscious consumers ‘in the moment’ for immediate returns while also investing in the longer term, emotional bank to ensure they ride out future mistakes or service failures,” says Alex Wright, head of global insights at Blis.

Kohl’s CEO Says Company Is Doubling Down on Its Deal with the Devil (CNBC)
The budding partnership Kohl’s has struck with Amazon marks the next leg of innovation for the department store operator, Kohl’s Chairman, President, and CEO Kevin Mansell told CNBC on Tuesday.

First-Party Data is King (Street Fight)
Jackie Graziano: More and more marketers are using first-party data to eliminate wasted impressions and achieve the strongest ROI on their data-driven marketing efforts. Who doesn’t want that?

Snapchat Is Building the Same Kind of Data API That Got Facebook in Trouble (Recode)
Snapchat is building a way for people to use their Snapchat account to connect with third-party apps. The idea, in theory, would let Snapchat users grant outside companies access to their Snapchat data to help personalize other services.

Facebook Reveals New Security Settings Amid Privacy Concerns (Bloomberg)
Facebook said it will make it more straight-forward for users to change their privacy settings and delete data they’ve already shared with the social-media company. NYT: Peter Thiel helped Cambridge Analytica before it harvested data

Programmatic’s Crisis in Confidence Is More Rumor Than Reality (AdExchanger)
Erik Requidan: While it may appear that confidence in programmatic is wavering, programmatic is growing fast. It’s not just display, it’s digital radio, TV, mobile, video and more. Mobile display is gigantic.

Microsoft Boosts Bing’s IQ With Powerful AI and Deep Learning Tech (Forbes)
Microsoft has been steadily enhancing Bing’s capabilities and incorporating “intelligent answers” into its search engine’s results.

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