VIDEO: PlaceIQ on Location Data’s Expanding Role for Brands

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Location data continues to evolve. And it’s not just tactics for data collection and deployment, but the changing ways it’s being used by brand advertisers. In addition to campaign optimization and attribution, location data is increasingly applied to adjacent enterprise functions — everything from CRM to ERP.

This was one takeaway from a backstage interview with PlaceIQ’s Duncan McCall at Street Fight Summit West (video below). McCall asserts that location data, when synthesized accross enterprise functions, can not only optimize marketing, but broader operational effectiveness.

“Our focus hasn’t changed but the market has changed dramatically,” he said. ” [It] has evolved to really think about location less as just a marketing data set, and more about a new behavioral data set that can be used to understand and inform really important business decisions across organizations.”

This importantly means that location data providers and local ad tech companies aren’t just talking to the CMO. Location data should extend to other departments and execs, including the CIO. That’s good news in terms of going deeper into organizations and growing the location data revenue pie.

But it’s better said by McCall himself. See the full interview below, including a drill down into specific opportunities in the quick service restaurant (QSR) vertical.

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