Raise Report: New Funding for Pro.com, Amplitude, CommonSense Robotics

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Every two weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech.

Tuesday, August 1: CommonSense Robotics Picks Up $6 Million for Retail Logistics
Aleph VC and Innovation Endeavors contributed to the round, TechCrunch reported. CommonSense Robotics wants to help retailers (including SMBs) compete with Amazon’s same-day delivery capabilities by building micro-delivery hubs that would enable fast delivery for a vast array of brick-and-mortar stores. This seed funding will buoy the new company as it launches.

Tuesday, August 1: Booster Locks Down $20 Million to Fill Up Your Tank
Conversion Capital led the round, CNBC reported. Booster disrupts the hyperlocal gas industry by saving consumers a trip to the gas station, bringing fuel to consumers’ cars while they work. It will use the latest funds for hiring and to boost sales and management operations.

Tuesday, August 8: CarDash Raises $5.3 Million to Streamline Car Services
Index Ventures and Felicis Ventures led the seed funding round, TechCrunch reported. CarDash connects customers with local auto-service companies, streamlining the process of having one’s car serviced by negotiating prices and delivering cars to the shop, among other features. With the funding, CarDash will grow its staff and expand operations.

Tuesday, August 8: Pro.com Secures $10 Million for Home-Improvement Service
Venture capital fund DFJ led the round, The Seattle Times reported. Pro.com is a contracting service that sets homeowners up with carpenters, electricians, and other home-services professionals in its network. The company will put the funding toward geographic expansion, as it aims to open up shop in 10 additional cities over the next year. 

Wednesday, Aug 9: Parse.ly Scores $6.8 Million for Publisher Analytics
Grotech Ventures and Blumberg Capital led the Series B round, VentureBeat reported. Parse.ly is an analytics platform that serves digital publishers looking to expand and better understand their audiences. The company will use this round to “expand client capacity.”

Wednesday, Aug 9: Jebbit Snaps Up $6.8 Million for Consumer Data Platform
Manifest Investment Partners led the Series A round, AdExchanger reported. Jebbit offers a platform through which enterprises can collect data from their customers. For example, a publisher might produce a survey using the Jebbit platform so that, rather than collecting data unbeknownst to the user, the user actively provides that data herself. Jebbit will invest the funding in product development and hiring.

Thursday, Aug 10: Amplitude Rakes In $30 Million for Product Analytics
Institutional Venture Partners led the Series C round, VentureBeat reported. Amplitude is a platform that helps online retailers understand the behavior of customers on their sites — what they look at, whether they purchase something, and when they leave the site, for example. With this latest capital infusion, Amplitude will pursue global expansion.

Joseph Zappa is Street Fight’s news editor.

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