Street Fight Daily: Email Still Digital Marketing King, How to Make Data Actionable

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Email Outperforms Social Media, Paid Search for ROI (eMarketer)
In general, email continues to be the most cost-effective choice when measured up against other digital marketing tactics. Email had a median ROI of 122%, according to US marketers polled June 2016. Email’s ROI was well above those for digital marketing approaches like social media and paid search.

Despite Stumble in Raleigh, Will The Agenda Be Part of ‘New Localism’? (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: “I’m learning that the success we have in Charlotte isn’t scaleable to other distinct geographies,” said founder Ted Williams. “I’ve become convinced that the key to financial success for an organization like ours is providing a high degree of advertiser customization and customer service.”

Marketers Have Data, But They Don’t Know How to Make It Actionable (MediaPost)
Daniel Brzezinski, chief marketing officer and VP of marketing & product development at GetResponse, a provider of email marketing tools, offered up what he sees as the top four challenges for marketing in 2017.

Why Hasn’t a Killer App Emerged for Finding Local Events? (Street Fight)
Megan Hannay: The local events space is still waiting on its ubiquitous app. There’s Yelp for restaurants. And Uber/Lyft for getting to and from. But there’s not yet a go-to for the crux of the night – the thing you do when you’re out on the town.

Start-Ups Seek to Take Some of the Pain Out of Moving (New York Times)
Through a mobile app that incorporates chat features, Moved can help customers through a laundry list of responsibilities: selling furniture, donating goods, ordering boxes, changing addresses and finding packing, moving and storage services.

SEO in 2017: Mobile Optimization as a Competitive Advantage (Search Engine Land)
Marcus Miller: Even many of the titans of the internet could do with a bit of optimization of their mobile sites. Here’s a comprehensive view of how to ensure you’re making the most of the opportunity to forge ahead.

In China, Baidu and KFC Team Up to Offer ‘Smart Restaurant’ Experience (TechCrunch)
The search giant sometimes referred to as the ‘Google of China’ partnered with KFC to open a new “smart restaurant” in Beijing, which employs facial recognition to make recommendations about what customers might order, based on factors like their age, gender and facial expression.

Low-Wage Jobs Are Being Killed by Technological Advancements, Not China (New York Times)
Donald J. Trump told workers like Ms. Johnson that he would bring back their jobs by clamping down on trade, offshoring and immigration. But economists say the bigger threat to their jobs has been something else: automation.

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