Street Fight Daily: YP Plans Yahoo Bid, eBay’s Craigslist Competitor Has 7M Downloads

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

YP Plans First-Round Bid for Yahoo (Bloomberg)
YP, the digital advertising business of what was formerly, plans to submit a first-round bid Monday to merge with Yahoo. YP is working with Goldman Sachs to investigate a variety of strategic alternatives, which could include acquiring smaller firms or selling itself.

Ebay’s Mobile Craigslist Competitor Has Quietly Grown to 7 Million Downloads (TechCrunch)
The online classifieds space has been dominated for years by Craigslist, despite its failure to adapt to mobile. That has left room for newcomers to angle their way into the market, including big companies like Facebook and smaller startups. Ebay has been quietly growing its own local selling marketplace, and announced that its app, Close5, has been downloaded more than 7 million times to date.

Survey: Many National-to-Local Marketers Use Home-Grown Management and Analytics Tools (Street Fight)
David Card: Relatively few of these sophisticated companies make use of a common tool for managing and coordinating campaigns. That’s the case even though a third of respondents said various local programs were centralized at headquarters.

Chobani and Yahoo: Yes, Search Ads Really Can Lift Sales (AdAge)
A test conducted by Yahoo showed that people searching for yogurt-related terms who were served up Chobani advertising actually bought more of the product than those who did not. The test could essentially match households from their use of the Yahoo search engine to actual grocery store checkouts, going well beyond just tracking if someone clicked on an ad.

Case Study: Washington Retailer Drives Sales with Localized Campaigns (Street Fight)
“Our goal is to concentrate on how we can engage better through mobile and video — quality content that people want to engage with is the measuring stick,” says Jordan Roorda. “It’s a complete change with how ‘success’ is measured. It’s like giving a thoughtful present, not a gift card.”

Google’s Surprising Role as Privacy Watchdog in Europe (New York Times)
Google is a top target for European regulators and privacy watchdogs, who openly fear and distrust its dominance. But a landmark court ruling intended to rein in Google has instead put it at the forefront of Europe’s enforcement of Internet privacy, upending conventional wisdom about the company and raising questions about the role of commercial interests in protecting people’s privacy.

Uber Is Killing Off Its Instant Food Delivery Option in New York City (Quartz)
Uber is killing off the “instant” option in UberEats, its food-delivery service, just one month after the app’s launch in New York. Its menu featured two pre-set options from a rotating group of restaurants, to be delivered in as little as 10 minutes. For these rapid deliveries to work, instant UberEats had different logistics from the regular service, and the economics of it were unclear.

Search, Discovery Apps to Generate Billions in Revenue (MediaPost)
Local search and discovery apps will generate $12.2 billion in revenue annually in 2020, up from an estimated $3.4 billion in 2016, according to new research.

ShopAdvisor Buys Retailigence to Marry Mobile With In-Store Shopping (Xconomy)
ShopAdvisor has acquired Retailigence in a tie-up of two marketing tech startups that highlights a push to get smartphone-wielding shoppers to make purchases in stores. ShopAdvisor offers a consumer-facing app, but the company has expanded its focus to offer several products and services, like native advertising tools and analysis of consumer purchasing habits.

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