LBMA Podcast: Google Wallet Rollout, Gyroscope Innovations

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Subscribe to the Cow & Quince; Drones in LA scraping cell signals; Johnnie Walker’s smart label from Thinfilm; Domino’s knows…what your tummy is telling you; Beam Wallet brings beacon-based payments to the UAE; Google Wallet to roll out on all carriers – thanks to Softcard acquisition; Edible wearables from Dole; Heather Shaw’s Circuitry of Life; AT&T sells you your privacy; Gyroscope Innovations vies for being your life’s dashboard.

Top stories of the week

1. Cow & Quince – A subscription based restaurant 12:20
2. Adnear launches drones in LA 16:50
3. Johnnie Walker & Thinfilm team up for NFC whiskey bottle 20:12
4. Domino’s PIzza – Tummy Translator 24:30
5. Beam Wallet – beacon based payments in the UAE 29:40
6. Google Wallet – now with Softcard assets 33:30
7. Dole creates first edible wearable device 37:30
8. Heather Shaw’s – The Circuitry of Life 42:05
9. AT&T offers data privacy for a price 45:00
10. Gyroscope Innovations 48:00

Top Story: Our privacy is OUR PRIVACY 54:20