On Street Fight: Facebook’s Video Pages, Food Tech’s Dilemma

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

FacebookFacebook Challenges YouTube Channels With New Features For Pages (TechCrunch)
With Pages getting quieted down in the feed, Facebook wants to make its home for businesses less like a newspaper that come to you and more like TV channels you turn on. That’s why it’s YouTube that’s getting flattered by the social network with a new design for the Video section of Facebook Pages.

7 Ways Merchants Can Help Shoppers Find Their Stores (Street Fight)
Half of consumers say they have looked up merchant information online and ended up at a business that was closed. To avoid these negative experiences, it’s important that merchants do everything possible to ensure shoppers are finding accurate information when they search online.

The Greasy Underpan Of Restaurant Tech (TechCrunch)
Bryan Menell: Many startups suffer from having a two-sided business model where they must sell restaurants on their product, as well as get consumers to adopt the mobile application. Either a vast number of consumer eyeballs or tens of thousands of existing merchant relationships. Outside of that, you need a dramatically unique approach that speaks to all these industry challenges.

Have Online Payments Become Safer Than Offline? (Wired)
The outbreak of high-profile security breaches at major retailers has shed light on the fact that offline transactions are vulnerable to attack. These trends lead us to consider a number of important questions that affect every consumer and retailer — are online transactions more secure than offline, and will this realization propel ecommerce into its next stage of growth?

Mobile Shopping Apps Raise Privacy And Security Issues (Nasdaq)
Shopping apps on your smartphone may lead you to the best grocery deals in town or make your morning coffee purchases a breeze. But they may also be accessing your phone’s camera, microphone, text messaging and other seemingly unrelated systems, all while potentially collecting and storing information you’re probably not aware of.

RadioShack’s Problem: So Many Stores, So Few Shoppers (Wall Street Journal)
RadioShack has shut more stores in the past two months than the rest of the year, though it’s hard to tell the difference. The struggling electronics retailer has managed to eliminate less than a fifth of the locations it hopes to shed as part of a turnaround plan aimed partly at shrinking its outsize footprint in many local markets.

BEWARE: The Dangers Of Location Data (Forbes)
Danielle Citron: This week, California Attorney General Kamala Harris advised her constituents to disable their phones’ automatic location identifier. If consumers keep the always-on setting for their geolocation data (that is, the street and city where a phone is located as it changes moment to moment), they are opening themselves up to mischief and far worse.

2015: The End Of Browsing And Start Of Discovery Through Deep Links In Mobile Apps (MediaPost)
Brands should have a way to detect if their company’s app lives on the consumer’s device. Knowing this would allow brands to link directly from the campaign in a search, display or email promotion to the product page in the app — not just link from the campaign to the app, but a specific product within the app.

LBMA Podcast: Factual’s Dashboards, Foursquare/Twitter (Street Fight)
On the show: State Farm helps identify cars; StreetPong while you wait to cross; Real-time trading platforms from Lamar and Posterscope; get into orbit with PocketQube; Scandic brings the hotel room to you.

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