LBMA Podcast: Apple’s Location Warnings, Facebook’s Local Ads

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Apple’s location warnings; Places from; Towstop sends a towing lifeline; GPS signal as art; Square’s arrival prediction bet; In-mall WiFi advertising from Steps Away; Locqus Uberizing the service industry; Snapping screens from Google; Facebook’s local location ads; Augmented reality covers real ads. Our special guests are Wibe Wagemans and Roman Kikta of Indoor Atlas.

Top stories of the week

(starts at 7:45)

1. Apple’s iOS8 “Location Warnings”
2. launches Places (starts at 10:25)
3. wants to fix towing (IndieGoGo link) (starts at 13:45)
4. Timo Arnall’s Satellite Lamps project (starts at 16:30)
5. Square’s “Arrival Prediction” to keep coffee hot (starts at 19:10)
6. Steps Away – location based marketing for mall retailers (starts at 22:30)
7. Locqus – Uberizing the service industry (starts at 24:45)
8. Google inventing screens that snap together (starts at 27:50)
9. Facebook launches location-based ad targeting platform (starts at 32:35)
10. No Ad App – AR overlay on NYC subway ads (starts at 37:35)

Special Guest
Wibe Wagemans and Roman Kikta of Indoor Atlas (42:40)

Deep-dive Discussions:
1. Predictive arrival + Facebook local awareness (57:35)
Only 1 big concept today because it is HUGE. We look at the state of predictive arrival ordering and the impact that Facebook is having on the locat advertising industry. Both Square and Facebook are looking at how to increase revenue for local merchants and each are coming at it from a different angle.

Resource of the week:
22 maps and charts that will surprise you (72:00)