JiWire Partners With Datalogix to Ramp Up Mobile Targeting and ROI

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538282_JiWireLogo_fullcolor_hiresLocation-based mobile targeting company JiWire has announced today that it has teamed up with Datalogix to provide advertisers with mobile audience solutions. The partnership with Datalogix will allow JiWire to offer solutions to advertisers through anonymized data, giving them the tools to target more precisely based on purchases and location.

JiWire already accesses mobile data and is using it to provide insights on what is driving consumer interactions in mobile to advertisers. The San Francisco-based company is also connecting advertisers with mobile audiences based on data points collected using its Location Graph platform. The company’s Location Graph platform, which draws on factors including demographic, engagement, and time of day and week from mobile devices, combined with the integration of Datalogix’s offline purchase data, will create contextual mobile audiences, according to JiWire.

“Where people spend their time and where they spend their money are two very powerful signals for understanding audiences in the context of their daily lives,” JiWire president David Staas told Street Fight. “Our partnership enables marketers to leverage the power of mobile targeting, measurement and insights across hundreds of rich audience segments. Datalogix is the proven leader in bridging offline sales data to advertising, and we’re the clear choice for JiWire in bringing this innovative, joint offering to the market.”

JiWire has also launched a mobile ROI metric, the Location Conversion Index, to measure the increase in store visits relating to mobile advertising. The metric can be applied to campaigns to allow marketers to measure the ROI through offline consumer behaviors.

For JiWire, the benefit in partnering with Datalogix is the opportunity to create a way to bring in other types of data to understand mobile consumers, says Staas: “One of the great benefits of location data is that it creates a highly effective way to integrate additional types of data to further enrich our understanding of the mobile consumer. We see tremendous demand from our customers to further link the physical and digital worlds together, and integrating offline purchase data into mobile advertising became the logical next step to creating the most accurate mobile audience intelligence for marketers.”

Myriah Towner is an intern at Street Fight.

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