Constant Contact Rolls Out Digital Coupons for SMBs

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constant contactEmail marketing giant Constant Contact has rolled out a new coupon feature as part of its growing online marketing tools platform. The new service makes it possible for small businesses to offer discounts based on a given set of criteria such as increasing revenue and attracting long-term customers, within a single integrated resource.

Constant Contact’s coupons are provided alongside deals by its SaveLocal unit, which allows small businesses to use the digital coupons and deals to also offer customized marketing campaigns, according to the company.

“Small businesses continue to look at running an offer campaign like a deal or coupon to both boost revenue and attract long-term customers,” Dave Wachtendonk, the product manager for SaveLocal at Constant Contact told Street Fight. “As a result, offers have become an essential tool for small businesses, and managing both deals and coupons from one place gives small businesses an opportunity to test what offers work best for their brand. These insights will give small businesses the information they need to run intelligent and targeted marketing campaigns.”

Constant Contact’s new feature provides small businesses with the opportunity to choose larger discounts requiring advanced purchase, smaller discounts not requiring advance purchase or opt to offer varying deals and coupons using the digital coupons. Small businesses can meet consumer demand for offers and manage both the deals and coupons from within their Constant Contact account.

The deals and digital coupons are both trackable, with small businesses able to draw insights to improve their marketing campaigns based on viewing the number of claims, which deals and coupons came from new customers, how and where the deals and coupons were shared, and when the claims are redeemed by customers. The customers redeeming a coupon will be added into the Constant Contact account of the small business using the feature, and the coupon tracking component will be available on the SaveLocal mobile app.

Myriah Towner is an intern at Street Fight.