LBMA Podcast: NeoPost Acquires DMTI, ByteLight’s Series A

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Welcome to episode #153. On the show: Canadian company DMTI acquired by NeoPost; Superpedestrian to commercialize the Copenhagen Wheel; Square up against the patent wall; Privacy’s voice gets stronger with the Future of Privacy Forum and Chuck Schumer; iZettle let’s you pay the homeless with your credit card; Location based CPR assistance arrives; Bytelight raises their series A round. Our resource of the week focuses on WiFi’s impact on retail. Chuck Martin talks about relevance in our Mobile Minute and our special guest is Sonny Vu, CEO of Misfit Wearables, makers of the Shine.

Episode 153

Recorded: October 27, 2013
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:

A few announcements
– Do you have a location based marketing question? Ask us here and we’ll answer it on an upcoming show.

A Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin: Why you MUST nail relevance (7:30)

Special guest of the week: Sonny Vu – CEO of Misfit Wearables, makers of the Shine (24:04)

Top news of the week

1. DMTI acquired by NeoPost (10:00)
2. Superpedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel (13:25)
3. Square threatened with LBS patent (19:04)
4. Future of Privacy Forum / Chuck Schumer (32:05)
5. Stockholm’s homeless accepts iZettle & Stockholm location-based CPR (37:07)
6. Bytelight raises $3M (43:53)

Resource of the week: Free WiFi Helps In-Store Sales (48:40)