CardFlight Raises $1.6 Million In Seed Round

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 CardFlightAfter launching a private beta of services in May, New York-based CardFlight has raised a $1.6 million seed round to expand the company’s mobile payments platform led by venture capital firm, ff Venture Capital. CardFlight, which provides apps and tools for large and medium-sized merchants, allows developers to incorporate in-person card payments into their own app.

Developers essentially get the benefits of an integrated product without having to deal with the complexity of building payments solutions from scratch, while still customizing their mobile application, according to the company.

“Our first clients have integrated and deployed CardFlight, and are already enjoying the benefits of tying payment data to their app’s other functionality such as CRM, inventory management, fulfillment, reporting and analytics,” Derek Webster, CardFlight’s founder and chief executive officer told Street Fight. “Developers already love our product, and we look forward to serving even more customers with an even better product in the future.”

 Five months ago, CardFlight began allowing developers to use their technology to accept card payments when the company announced the launch of their private beta. With money in the bank, CardFlight  plans  to use the capital to increase the speed of its product development efforts and to expand clientele. “This funding will allow us to grow our team, which enables us to add new features to our product and to integrate with even more credit card processors beyond the 23 different ones we already support,” Webster Added.

Myriah Towner is an intern at Street Fight.