Street Fight Daily: Revel Expands Into Stadiums, Yellow Pages Still Generating Cash

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology

581867_490210211027585_1602795879_aRevel Extends Tablet POS Into Stadiums (ZDNet)
The showcase installation for Revel Systems’ latest vertical market segment, sports concessions, is for a big company, but it represents yet another way that the company’s tablet-based solution is rewriting the rules for small-business point-of-sale systems. To customize its POS for concession environments, Revel streamlined the order screen so that items can be entered more quickly, saving a few seconds per customer transaction.

8 Strategies for Selling Cloud-Based POS Systems to SMBs (Street Fight)
Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are an easy sell for vendors working with small businesses without existing mechanisms in place for handling transactions, but getting an established merchant who has already invested thousands of dollars in a legacy POS system to consider making the switch to mobile is a trickier proposition. So what is the secret to onboarding more merchants, including those who already have hardware POS systems in place? To find out, we spoke with several experts from the mPOS industry.

Dex Media: Too Soon to Close the Book on Yellow Pages Publisher (Wall Street Journal)
Phone-book publishing may be a dying business. But it still generates plenty of cash, something that may not be adequately reflected by shares of Dex Media. Dex is one of the last remaining Yellow Pages publishers, and its enterprise value—or market capitalization plus debt, minus cash—is about $2.87 billion, based on second-quarter financial data. Yet its market value, or the equity portion of this, is just $171 million.

Upfront Digital Media CEO: Brands Looking for Hyperlocal, Niche Audiences (Street Fight)
Programmatic buying, which helps advertisers automate the ability to reach very specific audiences in particular locations with predictable costs, has become more and more popular among agencies and brands in the past few years. We spoke recently with Jonathon Shaevitz, the CEO of Upfront Digital Media, a programmatic ad platform, who explained how large brands and small businesses alike can use these new tools to target hyperlocal audiences.

LivingSocial Executives Talk Hiring, Cybersecurity Attack and Profitability (Washington Post)
Executives at District-based LivingSocial outlined a new strategy last week that would move the company away from its daily e-mail deals toward those that sit on its Web site for longer periods of time. But in a round of interviews at the firm’s New York Avenue NW headquarters, senior leaders delved into a variety of other topics, including plans to hire across the company and profitability projections.

ApartmentList Reinvents Its iOS App As Mobile Drives Its 75% YoY Revenue Growth (PandoDaily)
For nearly a decade, the online housing rentals race has been Craigslist and everyone else. But in the last two years, ApartmentList has come out of nowhere to establish itself as a legitimate challenger. The company now has the largest inventory among all competitors in 60 of the largest 100 markets in the US, and has crossed 1.5 million monthly users milestone for the first time in its history.

Key Metrics For Success With A Local Business Website (SearchEngineLand)
Wesley Young: There’s a lot of literature out there discussing what local businesses can do to improve their websites, ranging from boosting search visibility through targeted keywords to leveraging content like video to keep visitors engaged. But what’s often missing from these conversations are broader discussions about the importance of analytics in providing local businesses with ongoing and targeted insights into which content, functions and flow are working on their websites (and which are not).

Zipments Closes $2.25 Million Seed Round To Speed Up Same-Day Deliveries (TechCrunch)
New York based Zipments, a same-day delivery marketplace that connects retailers with couriers, has closed a $2.25 million seed round to further build out its product and expand to new cities. It’s facing increasing competition from consumer-focused San Francisco delivery heavyweights such as TaskRabbit and Postmates, the latter of which recently raised $5 million to muscle into New York.

Eventbrite Now Lets Organizers Sync Event Data Directly With Their Site (TheNextWeb)
Eventbrite has partnered with Automattic to integrate its event ticketing service into, enabling managed-hosted blogs to leverage specific themes and widgets that will keep their page up-to-date with the latest on their upcoming event. Starting today, organizers who want to seamlessly promote their event on their WordPress-powered site, can incorporate Eventbrite into it and just manage the details and specifics through a central interface and have any changes be reflected on both their site and on the Eventbrite registration page.