Sponsored Post: Case Study in Finding a Robust Ad Serving Platform

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epom_logoCase Study: Epom & Wooga

This case study was contributed by sponsor Epom, a company that develops ad serving and ad management solutions for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks, and advertisers. 

Problem overview:
It is common for large publishers to face a challenge in finding an ad serving platform that is simultaneously scalable, reliable, secure, simple in usage, and can meet the specific needs of a company.

Founded in 2009, Wooga has evolved into one of the most recognized social game developers in the world with over 250 team members and around 50 million active players. As a result, the company looked for a better way to manage its diverse inventory of ad campaigns, with more analytical data and targeting options.

The major requirements Wooga had for an ad serving platform were:

• Speed & reliability

• Internationally distributed servers

• Advanced targeting options

• Convenient ad campaign management

• Ad campaign optimization tools & engines

• Precise ad campaign reports and analytics (real-time required!)

• Intuitive interface, intelligible dashboard

Why Epom?
After negotiations between Wooga and Epom representatives, Wooga was ready to make the final decision. Head of operations, Jan Miczaika, stated that Epom was selected due to a range of essential factors:

Powerful and reliable platform. Epom servers can process millions of requests per second, with 99.75% SLA uptime guaranteed.

Provided targeting options. Versatile targeting options (from geotargeting, browser and browser language, to OS, cookie value and custom targeting) improve performance and efficiency of ad campaigns within the right audience.

Ad inventory management. The simple and fast launching of multiple ad campaigns of various sizes and configurations simultaneously. As well as the possibility to manage each individual campaign with ease.

Ad campaign optimization. Smart ad optimization features that make it easier and simpler to optimize ad campaigns (including CPA, CPC or CPM-based, either manually or in a more automatic way e.g. the enabled auto-weighting option.)

Real-time data & performance control. Easier tracking and improvement of ad campaign performance due to the provided real-time reports and analytics, especially those displayed through a graphical dashboard. In such a way, it becomes possible to control and evaluate ad efficiency and profitability, and so the implementation of any required changes is done on time.

Wooga was looking for a better platform to manage the advertisement inventory for its social games globally available through Facebook.

After evaluating some alternatives, the company decided to start testing Epom’s Ad Server with Asynchronous Tags in a controlled environment to analyze and compare the new Ad Server efficiency. With successful results, Wooga decided to move all advertisement inventory to Epom.

It was a smooth transition to the new ad server, fully supported and under supervision of Epom to make sure billions of display impressions per month were delivered without any problems.

“The effectiveness of Epom’s support enabled fast and easy implementation,” said Jan Miczaika, head of operations at Wooga.

With the complete platform rollout into all games, numerous large-scale, customized and targeted campaigns were launched using all the features Epom provides. The cooperation between companies is now on a permanent basis.

Results & Accomplishments
1) Better tools to deliver campaigns to the right target with a higher performance.

2) Easy to set up, manage and optimize campaigns.

3) Custom development gives the flexibility to grow and increase the limits with a better performance rate.

About Epom:
Established in 2010, Epom is a company that develops ad serving and ad management solutions for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks, and advertisers. Epom enables its users to run display, video and mobile ads in one place, thus saving time and resources, while bringing in higher profit. Epom is a massively scalable platform suitable for any impressions volume that needs to be served. For more information, visit http://epom.com/.

About Wooga:
Wooga is one of the most popular social games developers for web and mobile. The company is based in Berlin, Europe’s creative heart and mecca for tech industry innovators. Wooga was founded in 2009 and now employs over 250 people from 40 nations, who work together to develop top titles. The studio’s signature approach to game design emphasizes emotional character development, usability, and superb localization. Wooga’s free-to-play games are enjoyed by around 50 million players per month. For more information, visit http://www.wooga.com/

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