Street Fight Daily: AT&T Sells Location Data, Square Partners With Apple Retail

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology

att-logoAT&T Will Start Anonymously Selling Your Location Data To Marketers (Business Insider)
AT&T updated its privacy policy last week with a notice that it plans to start selling anonymous location data about its customers to marketers. The carrier will sell data on your location based on WiFi networks you connect to, Web browsing data, and apps you use.

Which Hyperlocal Startup Will Be Next to IPO? (Street Fight)
“[The markets] are probably as, or in many cases, more open to [hyperlocal companies] today, largely because they’re seeing some early success in other models,” said First Analysis’ Todd Van Fleet. “They know it can be done; it’s just a question of having the right model. Whereas Groupon may have created a disconcerting tone across the space, you have had the success of Angie’s List, Yelp and even mobile payments players like Square prove that a portion of the [local business marketplace] can be won.”

Apple Retail, Square Partner To Sell iPad-based Square Stand (9To5 Mac)
Jack Dorsey’s Square payments company has teamed up with Apple to sell the new Square Stand point-of-sale system through Apple’s large chain of retail stores, according to multiple sources. The Square Stand was officially announced in mid-May, and it will begin shipping from Square’s official website on July 8th.

5 Tools to Track Conversions from Social Media to In-Store Traffic (Street Fight)
The vast majority of SMBs have no idea whether the “fans” and “likes” they’ve generated via social media are actually translating into real-world sales. A number of hyperlocal vendors are stepping in to help solve this mystery. These companies have created digital platforms with tools that help business owners track the number of online fans they’ve managed to convert into actual customers. Here are five of those platforms.

LSA: 10.5 Billion Print + IYP References in 2012 (Screenwerk)
Greg Sterling: At a high level, however, the story of the Local Search Associations annual study is what one might expect: consumers use lots of sources (and now devices) in a fragmented media landscape. Search engine usage has greater reach and frequency than other local media. Both print and internet yellow pages (IYP) usage have seen declines over the past year, though IYP has seen fewer declines.

Context Aware Programming (O’Reilly Radar)
Tim O’Reilly: Just as the switch from the command line to the GUI required new UI skills and sensibilities, mobile and sensor-based programming creates new opportunities to innovate, to surprise and delight the user, or, in failing to use the new capabilities, the opportunity to create frustration and anger. The bar has been raised. Developers who fail to embrace context-aware programming will eventually be left behind.

Augmented Reality & SEO: Search in an Annotated World (SearchEngineWatch)
Augmented reality is finally poised to become front and center in our daily lives. Thanks to the recent debut of Google Glass and creative plans from device manufacturers like Nokia, an annotated world appears to be right around the corner.

You’re Dead… If You Don’t Integrate Social Media & PR Into Your Local SEO Strategy (SearchEngineLand)
A major shift has taken place that alters the way you’re doing business online — and offline. It has to do with social media, SEO and public relations. Ignoring their impact on your marketing is suicidal. Weaving them into your strategy can be transformational.

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