5 Ways to Track Calls Coming From Mobile Ads

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The true test of a mobile ad’s effectiveness isn’t in page views or click-throughs, but in the number of actual phone calls it drives to a business. Tracking the number of incoming calls that result from a mobile ad is a measureable way for big brands and local businesses to gauge the effectiveness of their digital campaigns, since click-through rates alone are not always an accurate indicator of conversions or purchase intent.

Leads generated from inbound calls are 12 to 15 times more likely to convert to sales than leads generated from online forms, which is part of the reason why 65% of businesses now consider phone calls to be their “highest quality lead source.” By adding call tracking to their mobile campaigns, businesses can easily measure ROI and get a better sense for how well their digital investments are paying off. Here are six platforms that businesses can use to get a better sense of how many calls are resulting from their mobile ads.

1. Twilio
By using Twilio, a business can measure the number of responses it receives from any mobile ad. Businesses purchase local or toll-free numbers from Twilio and place those unique numbers on their ads. Calls to those numbers are automatically tracked by Twilio and forwarded to the business, allowing SMBs to find out which of their ads is bringing in the most calls and how many of those calls are converting to actual sales. The data that businesses collect can be parsed and funneled into any existing CRM program. Twilio offers a pay-as-you-go option, and charges $1 for every phone number and 3 cents for every call that comes in.

2. ResponseTap
Formerly known as AdInsight, ResponseTap provides businesses with call tracking and call analytics tools meant to improve marketing ROI. When they use the unique telephone numbers that ResponseTap provides in their mobile campaigns, businesses can gather the segmented data that results from incoming calls — including the time, date, and duration of calls — to determine which mobile ads were most effective at which times of the day. ResponseTap integrates with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The platform provides separate pricing structures for SMBs, marketing agencies, and larger organizations, with specific pricing available upon request.

3. Telmetrics
Telmetrics provides advertisers with trackable telephone numbers that they can use to determine the long-term impact and immediate value of mobile campaigns. In addition to tracking which ad a consumer viewed on before calling a business, Telmetrics data also provides caller demographics, caller sentiment, and call outcomes. Businesses can improve their campaigns even further by digging into Telmetrics’ operational insight tools, which show peak calling times and any unanswered calls. Telemetrics offers a number of pricing solutions for advertisers, publishers, and agencies.

4. Ifbyphone
Ifbyphone is a voice-based marketing automation platform that SMBs can use to track online and offline advertising. When they use SourceTrak (Ifbyphone’s call tracking software) to measure phone leads from mobile ads, businesses can view where their calls are coming from, route those calls to the best salespeople, and ultimately convert more leads into sales. Ifbyphone’s PPC software suite provides tools for tracking conversion data by campaign or ad group, and makes it easy for users to view conversions in Google AdWords or any other PPC bid management tool. Ifbyphone offers package subscriptions that range from $49.95 to $149.95 per month.

5. LogMyCalls
Businesses that are interested in segmenting the calls coming from their websites, email newsletters, social media pages, and mobile ad campaigns can use LogMyCalls. The call tracking and call recording platform provides insight into where customers are coming from and what they’re doing once they’re on the line. LogMyCalls provides conversion analytics and a lead-scoring tool that gauges consumer intent based on speech analytics. LogMyCalls offers pricing plans that range from free to $149 per month based on the level of service that a business requires.

Stephanie Miles is an associate editor at Street Fight.

Stephanie Miles is a journalist who covers personal finance, technology, and real estate. As Street Fight’s senior editor, she is particularly interested in how local merchants and national brands are utilizing hyperlocal technology to reach consumers. She has written for FHM, the Daily News, Working World, Gawker, Cityfile, and Recessionwire.