Local Quotables: Seth Priebatsch, Chris Dixon, Dan Street and more…

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

Chris Dixon sends kudos to Foursquare’s latest release; Seth Priebatsch gets excited about the evolution of money as it moves further online; Steve Buttry gets an endorsement; Josh Fenton talks hyperlocal publishing success; and Dan Street describes the evolution of local as “not a search problem.” More:

Saleem Khan, November 30, 2011
Twitter: #WJChat #A9 It’s possible to change brands. e.g. @SteveButtry‘s brand was writing coach but grew to add social media..

Chris DixonNovember 30, 2011
Twittersuper interesting way to attribute offline behavior back to online “intent generators” RT @dens: “Save to foursquare”https://foursquare.com/about/savetofoursquare.

Kevin Kelleher, CNNMoney, November 10, 2011
CNNMoney: In some ways, Yelp seems quite different from Groupon. Its IPO has received a moderate amount of coverage, while Groupon’s was the subject of a passionate debate for months. Groupon feels like an eBay-like trend waiting to peter out. Yelp is more of a steady resource that could last for many years.

Josh Fenton, GoLocal24, November 30, 2011
Street Fight: It is all about content.  To be successful in local media you need to produce content that is relevant to how people live their lives.

Seth PriebatschSCVNGRNovember 24, 2011
A new monetization model needs to be found for the payments industry because somebody needs to make the $50 billion dollars a year to actually support the whole thing. And I believe, and I have a game mechanics background, that the way that that money is going to be replaced, as the idea of me paying you to just move money back and forth goes away, the way that people are going to make money on payments is taking the information inherent in payments and applying a series of game mechanics.

Jason Karas, Trover, November 30, 2011
Street Fight: With such demand, it’s surprising to see very few social marketing agencies operating at a local level. The hurdle may be that social media marketing demands smart, local people for hands-on engagement, and the cost of procuring that talent may not scale or be too expensive in the face of small SMB marketing budgets.

Dan Street, Loku, November 28, 2011
Street Fight: Local is not a search problem; it is less about trying to find something and more about synthesizing and understanding information.