Sponsored Post: Free Tickets to Social Media Analytics Conference

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Business Insider is giving away 5 free tickets to the VentureBeat community for their Social Media Analytics conference, the place to learn how to measure your social-media impact and generate ROI.

From Facebook to Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and more, the social web is ingrained across all age groups and demographics. That means smart marketers have integrated these tools into strategy. But even the savviest are left with educated guesswork when it comes to impact: there is no industry standard in measuring social media’s ROI.

That’s why Business Insider created Social Media Analytics: to explore these questions. The conference takes place in the afternoon of November 1, 2011, at the Helen Mills Theater in New York.

Speakers include Christopher Frank of American Express, Bonin Bough of Pepsi, Jason John of Gilt Groupe, Ted Sapountzis of SAP, and more.

Business Insider is offering five free tickets to marketing experts. Do you work at a brand? Do you have to know about analytics to do your job? Then email events@businessinsider.com and tell them in 50 words or fewer why you need to be there.

Topics covered at the conference include mobile and tablet use, ROI from different platforms and tools, search-engine optimization on social services, and more.

Executives from Fortune 500 companies will weigh in on their successes and needs.

Solutions providers will demo their products.

And experts will share actionable advice. All of this is mixed with time for meeting other attendees and unwinding at our end-of-day reception.

General attendees are welcome to register with a 10% discount using this code: SMAT