Street Fight Daily: 07.22.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

We&Co is a new iPhone app that is designed to connect patrons with the people that work at the businesses they visit. The app is designed to let users give thanks to their favorite service professionals.  (Mashable)

With the rise of location-based check-ins, there’s suddenly lots more data that marketers want to parse through to make sense of how consumers are interacting with their brands. MomentFeed is looking to sort through that data to help marketers better tap into location-based, social networking. (

Location-based social search applications are bridging the gap between our online and offline worlds—- and in doing so creating a whole new way for people to find and use information. (Business Insider)

If there’s one thing that the daily deals have yet to master, it’s the art of reliability. There’s not been a solid way for businesses to reliably advertise to local, potential customers on a daily basis. SevenLunches is fixing the problem by tracking lunch specials by your location. (The Next Web)

Tying a traditional loyalty program to social and location-based check-ins can be an easy way for businesses to attract customers and make money. Here’s how to determine whether it’s worth it for a specific small business and then how to pull it off. (Inc.)

PixelFish helps small businesses make more out of video advertising, or, in other words, use video as a customer acquisition and conversion tool. By taking publicly available information from the Web, the company wants to start serving you with ads that make sense for you. (TechCrunch)

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