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All the tweets that fit… listening in on the hyperlocal Twitterverse.

This week, Groupon’s CEO poked fun at the “quiet period” the company is in now that it has filed for an initial public offering; SCVNGR’s Seth Priebatsch hates First Data – just fyi. Jim Brady of Journal Register thinks the Newspaper Association of America is getting “absurd” in its analyses. And more:

Chris Tolles, Topix, June 8, 2011
: @AntDeRosa idea of the media being all classy & shit was a brief moment enabled by local newspaper monopolies. Thank god *that’s* over 🙂

Andrew Mason, Groupon, June 3, 2011
: Trying to think of new things to not talk about.

Vinicius Vacanti, of Yipit, June 6, 2011
: If Groupon is a ponzi scheme, would have been *really* aggressive to turn down $6 billion Google offer.

Seth Priebatsch, SCVNGRJune 9, 2011
: I just need to share this. First Data is the stupidest freaking corporation on the planet. Avoid at all costs.

Bo Fishback, Zaarly, June 4, 2011
: ok, @hipchat — IMMEDIATELY do a partnership with… I will personally commit @zaarly to paying a premium for this integration.

Brian Ostrovsky, Hyper Local Media, June 7, 2011
: Looking at a newspaper 4 first time in months waiting for chinese. There’s something serene and paced about print thats not part of digital.

Jim Brady, Journal Register, June 4, 2011
: The NAA’s efforts to put a positive spin on the biz performance of newspaper companies is getting a bit absurd:

Greg Sterling, Internet analyst, June 7, 2011
:SoLoMo: smbs have an advantage in local-mobile vs. brands because they can act more quickly #SMX13C

Lisa Williams, Placeblogger , June 3, 2011
: From my coding blog: Learning through #FAIL Also, 20 Ways to Learn PHP and Save Kittens: