Street Fight Daily: 05.19.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Google Places has announced a new feature that lets you import the places you’ve checked-in to on Foursquare into Google to rate and review. (ReadWriteWeb)

Zaarly is looking to be a sort of Craigslist for local mobile users, helping buyers find a quick way to obtain what they’re looking for from neighbors and local merchants. (GigaOm)

Groupon and Quiznos are partnering to offer a punch card for eight sandwiches or salads (worth approximately $50) for half price. This is the first time that Groupon has attempted such a large offer, and the company hopes to demonstrate that it can create a situation where a merchant sees ongoing repeat business. (Daily Deal Media) is a kind of Foursquare for music, where your check-in is into a playlist you can share and comment on with people around you. This could become a powerful broadcast network, and in turn a very interesting ad network. (TechCrunch)

“With daily deals, we’re pushing deals to people,” said Groupon CEO Andrew Mason. “With Groupon Now, people are pulling deals. We’re intercepting intent.” (Chicago Tribune)

Daily deal businesses could be having a negative effect on one of its largest retail clients, the restaurant industry. Many restaurants are seeing deal promotions as an answer to some much needed cash and we may be seeing more restaurants going out of business as they are more and more on the losing end of the deal. (Daily Deal Media)

Gilt Groupe has launched an online culinary magazine to public beta, in its first foray into online content production. The launch suggests an interesting model, where targeted deals content is not supported by ads — but where the content itself is built around a buyable catalog of products. (Mashable)

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