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Who: Arianna Huffington

Why: Because she just might have struck upon a way to make hyperlocal blogs super relevant and essential to every single American: Make Patch a front-line source for news on the next election.

We’re launching over 30 new Patches in primary states. I want to know how the government shutdown will effect people at the local level. Arianna Huffington, April 7, 2011

Hyperlocal blogs have struggled to find the secret sauce for big-time success. But politics has been the turning point for so many media before it, from MoveOn to Fox News. Why not hyperlocal? It sounds like simply the seed of something — Huffington also pitched the idea on Real Time with Bill Maher in February — but this is one idea we think has legs.

What do you think of Huffington’s idea? Post your view in the comments.

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