Street Fight Daily: 04.01.11

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What’s happening around media, technology, advertising and startups in hyperlocal, every week day.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. has acquired  Larchmont, New York-based hyperlocal network theLoop for an undisclosed sum.“Hyperlocal news is a trend in news consumption that’s here to stay,” said a well-placed News Corp. executive. (theLoop)

Walgreens is the first retailer to try a major national Foursquare promotion. Most of the retail chain’s 7,600 locations are now offering store patrons who check in on the geo-social platform 15 percent off eligible items and 20 percent off Walgreens-branded products. (Clickz)

Location-based services will be so all-pervasive by 2014, experts believe, that it will be possible to locate every one of us every second of every day. But has the law caught up to technology? (Guardian)

The daily deals industry is still in its infancy but Groupon is maturing. Kris Ashton isn’t sure what this means for the company’s future or what these services will eventually be bringing to the table to keep consumers interested.  (DailyDealMedia)

Startup Crowdbeacon seeks to provide instant and localized responses to pressing needs and questions. Whether you are looking for a good restaurant, a private contractor, or a hot yoga studio, the service uses local community members to answer questions in real-time. (Social Times)

A recent poll of restaurant owners reveals a negative view of Groupon and Yelp, two websites that have dramatically altered the food service industry in recent years. (Restaurant News)

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