Geolocated Insta-Deals Demand You Buy Nearby NOW!

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So you want to be on the receiving end of the latest revolution in capitalism: I’m speaking of daily deals of course. You’ve got lots of options, some of which are critiqued on this site, and some not yet. And one that doesn’t actually exist so I made it up – NeMeNo.

And now LivingSocial has done something very expected, as mentioned before, called Instant Deals.

The way it will work, apparently, is you monitor your mobile app for nearby deals (created by local retailers) available NOW and maybe for only a SHORT TIME so HURRY and BUY. When you purchase the deal all you have to do is schlep to the retailer and collect your purchase or service. How? LivingSocial will be equipping all retailers with special hardware that let’s them know the item has been snagged. Not sure about the hardware part, but hey, they’ve got the money to do it.

Will be somewhat interesting to see if people take advantage of the service which is starting in the DC area now; later the universe.

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