7 Things I Want From My Phone for Christmas

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I’m a little weary of the “Holiday Tech Stuff” roundups, as I suspect are you, so let’s just leap right into what I’d demand from Cell-a-Claus and his App Elves, were he to ask.

I’ve been a goo… not horrible guy this year, Cell-a, really. And I’m not asking for anything current technology would not permit. So please bring me the following:

  1. Enable my phone to show me where I need to be at a particular time / day based on a) my schedule b) my past geo-behavior c) what my friends are doing d) what others like me are doing and where they’re going.
  2. Embed Slydial-like ability to call directly into someone’s voicemail, avoiding the nuisance of actually having to talk to someone; automatically turn incoming straight-to-voicemails into texts based on my current status (geo-targeted in a hospital or movie? boom – voice-to-text).
  3. Alert me when I’ve hit a geofence of interest — friends, speed trap, crime area, people of shared interests, just-defaulted homes…
  4. Forget push, Cell-a, use a cloud engine to constantly scour for product deals based on my interests, pull them and notify me ASAP.
  5. I want to finally be able sit down in a restaurant, flip up my phone and see everyone else in the place with a cell and start firing off zingers to the group about the bartender, or the commentator on Fox News blathering on the bar’s TV. Call it instant ephemeral proximity communities based on wifi or Bluetooth if you want. I just call it a party.
  6. Here’s an oldie but goodie: Select a picture of someone…anyone (say, somebody you think is the bee’s knees) and be notified via facial recognition when you’re near a person resembling them.
  7. Creepy fun: Cell-a, please create a service where I can sign up to see texts (anonymized)¬†from other people — to play along I’d have to allow mine to be snooped, too, of course. But like that’s not already happening… cha.

Thank you! I look forward to powering up on the big day.



This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.