Grocery Guide: The Hyper-GeoMobileSavvy List!

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OK ShopKickShopSavvy, CardStar and all the rest of you: Time for a new challenge. We the lazy, the lost, the hurried, the ignorant need someone to not only lead us to water; we need to be led from pond to pond.

I’m talking of course about those of us (particularly of a certain gender) who when entering a grocery store with list in hand (or more likely on our phone) proceed to criss-cross the place looking for sugar among the paper towels and ice cream near the butter. Who lays out these places? And forget about the wayfinding provided by signage. There needs to be a better way.

That’s where the shopping-focused startups come in. All they need to do to satisfy me, and perhaps 100 million others, is provide the following:

  1. Data entry field for my shopping list
  2. Entry field for my grocer’s name (unless i’m there, then detect and match the store)
  3. My list sorted by aisle so i can walk effortlessly from left of store to right, smartly weaving my way past only the items on the list, ticking items off in sequential order

Now, get set to turn down that VC money because you’ll be ringing in the bucks in so many other ways.

So what are you waiting for?

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