5 Million Reasons to Develop that Geo-News App

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Think you’ve got a great idea for disseminating news using geoX technology and want to vie for a part of five meeelyion dollars? Sure you do.

Welcome to this year’s edition of the Knight News Challenge, where anyone and everyone is invited to submit their solution for advancing the future of news by funding new ways to digitally inform communities. But time’s running out to get in on the fun – Dec. 1 is your deadline.

Knight News Challenge Logo

While applicants are not required to employe geolocation tenets or develop LBN (Location-Based News) I’d say that these days your app would be wanting without it. The Knight folks don’t necessarily disagree.

Applications focusing on mobile and geolocation technology would be a great fit.
~ Marc Fest, Knight News Foundation

“The News Challenge contest is especially interested in innovative ways of informing people who live in a specific geographic area,” Marc Fest of the Foundation told Locl.ly. “Applications focusing on mobile and geolocation technology would be a great fit.”

The contest’s slogan is You Invent. We Fund it. and it’s open to everyone worldwide. Applicants must follow only three rules: The project must: 1) Use digital, open-source technology to 2) Distribute news in the public interest and 3) Fit into one of four categories.

For more info on those categories and to see past winners check out the News Challenge site.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.