Location-Based Deals Now Upon Request with NeMeNo

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So we’re seeing all these nifty services popping with several variations on the same theme: “you do something and we’ll do something in response based on your location.” A sort of call and response for the digital age. Fine. But what if you don’t want to wait for that serendipitous moment presented by the Groupons or the LivingSocials? What if I want the same kind of near-me-now deals on my own schedule? Ahhh, suddenly now you’re more interested.

(At this point we’d typically plug in the name of the startup doing just that, and go about describing the lovely things it does. But since we’re not aware of one we’ll just fill in an imaginary company – we’ll call it NeMeNo.)

Enter NeMeNo, a mysterious newcomer that claims to have switched up the model of short-term local deals. What NeMeNo (pronounced nee-mee-no) does is aggregate all the deals from all the significant retailers in your neighborhood and index them with appropriate geo-codes and meta info. You as a consumer simply make a request and within a minute (usually less) you get a deal bounced back meeting your desire.

Let’s say you screwed up again with your better half and want to pick up flowers for the poor dear. NeMeNo allows you to send the request “flowers” to a short codes via SMS (and soon Twitter and email) and back will come one or more offers with prices and a link to call (to buy) and paypal the purchase. Simple as that.

NeMeNo says it’s working on a competitive model as well where retailers can compete in real-time for business requests that come in – via a Web dashboard provided to anyone registering as a supplier of goods.

We think if the penetration is good and the service is snappy NeMeNo has a chance to add a bit more convenience to near-me-now shopping experience. No word yet on what cities will be available and when.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.