Geobrowsing for Friends, Food and Fun

Bringing it all together in a nicely organized fashion is clearly what many people want in a service that takes all things local into account – especially on the small screen. Lots have tried; a few are doing a nice job. Newcomer Geomium might just fall in with the “few”. Relying on data from Eventful, […]

Mobile Local Advertising Predicted to Explode

Some of you have been waiting for the “big shift” for years. Seems the reality of mobile local advertising is at last poised to catch up with the fantastical predictions we’ve made for the past decade. Phew. Reported by Mediaweek from the study by BIA/Kelsey, local mobile advertising will blast off for the next five years […]

Mobile BBand Should Enable More Than Apps on Steroids

Over at is a brief consideration of what wireless high-speed broadband (WiMax, LTE — 4G) will bring us in the very near future. Its sponsored by Intel, supporter of the WiMax standard, but we’re not addressing technology flavors here, rather what the technology can bring. RWW, along with many others boil it down to […]

Placecast Cleans Up Location Data; Serves Up LocalBox

Developers, OEMs and Carriers listen up: there’s another location-in-a-box solution in town aiming to do a bunch of cool things, particularly make it simpler for money to be made. You can thank Placecast later. While we’ve not really tried it out (we played a bit at until they threw up a password) you can […]

Foursquare API Spawns Live Connections with ChatSq

We’ve been waiting for this one… and waiting. Looks like a small innovations lab called BubbleTree LLC decided to answer the call with ChatSq. The team there is taking a crack at auto-connecting people based on location. Smartly, they are building atop an established behavior (the check-in), specifically of foursquare. Their to-be-released app for iPhone […]

Ask to Ask Your iPhone to Ask People Nearby

About 10 years ago while at AOL we teamed up with a phone-based concierge service (VIPdesk) to build out “local concierges” for several of our city sites at Digital City. The way it worked was anyone in, say, Washington could ask (via an online chat window) questions from “where’s a good place for sushi near […]

P-U! (That’s PatchU to You, Kid)

PatchWhen we started our journalism career in the late 1980s we slugged it out with other hungry coeds for the few slots open at the local paper. A better time was never had – headlong into the Romantic World of Newspapering, we were. Assigned lightweight stories, we tried to turn into much more than they were in hopes of getting attention and even a Page 1 position. (We should also mention this was when we first used a modem to transmit text of the college paper to the print shop – a sort of magical event in those days). FF a couple decades and the print side of the news business is the same: filling holes around ever-fewer ads. And they are still looking for free(ish), energetic college kids to not only pick up the scraps but also learn to create a better future of journalism. Enter stage center in a puff of magic smoke: PatchU from…

Trending Topics: Local Edition

Over at Mashable there’s a list of the top five trends on “location” happening right this very now. We’ll not bury the lede; here they are Star Power: Celebs see the location light Just a Bit: Location is an ingredient, not a recipe Lazy Wins: Automated checkins Little Brother: Personal geofences Sally Struthers Affect: Location […]

Commuter Computer

Now this is not quite as cool as it might seem upon first look. But still… Harry Kao has taken a heap of data (albeit 10 years old) related to your daily commute and ours, and plotted it on lovely Google terrain maps. Clicking around lets you see where your neighbors commute and how long […]

SCVNGNG for Customers

SCVNGR is now rolling out the ability for businesses to create challenges for customers (that result in real-world discounts) and businesses can do it themselves with S’s simple online tool. The site recently started this silly coolness in Philly and Boston and now San Francisco has joined the fun. If you know foursquare and Gowalla then you […]

Locationizer Hits the Spots

Big props to Locationizer for making it even easier for us to let out brains turn to mush. Worried about forgetting, well, anything associated with a place? “Next time your near an Arby’s get me a Beef & Cheddar.” Just pick the spot on a map, type in a note and voila, the next time […]

Will Google Go Local Better than Bing!

Is that a “ding-ding” or a “gong”? Business Insider has a micro interview on the subject with ReachLocal CEO (and man with the best name in the biz) Zorik Gordon. Nothing earthshaking but worth the couple minutes, minus the ads. Check it out This post originally appeared on

‘Sup with Daily Deals from LivingSocial?

The iPhone version of the popular LivingSocial app called Daily Deals has for a week now been bombing us with discount pop-up alerts a little before noon. One minute nothing. The next – bloop bloop bloop – a spate of three or more deals on facials and tanning salons. Maybe it’s me but I don’t […]

All Is Local

A little crib sheet dug up by Techcrunch, apparently belonging to the brain of uber investor Ron Conway, tells a good deal about what Conway’s thinking. But what it really says is that what’s hot… again … and still … is l o c a l. Take look and you’ll see “mobile + local,” “social + local,” […]