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4 Ways Hyperlocal Vendors Are Helping Merchants Run Efficient Campaigns

No Comments 17 January 2012 by

In addition to battling it out over features and functionality, more and more platforms and services are upping their game in the way they work one-on-one with merchants. Here are a handful of the ways hyperlocal companies have begun providing support and information to help businesses run more successful deals...

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Local Quotables: Hartley, Gardner, Thompson and more

No Comments 13 January 2012 by

This week's quotes focus on advertising, technology and new businesses. Sarah Hartley describes how the end of a site can be good while Scott Thompson, newly-appointed CEO of Yahoo talks about the beginning of a new Yahoo. Pat McDevitt discusses the community's role in advertising, Jonathan Gardner talks about how advertising will change and more.

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Case Studies

Case Study: A Michigan Yoga Studio’s Tips For Managing Deal Customers

3 Comments 12 January 2012 by

When Eric Paskel ran his first Groupon promotion in January 2011, he knew it was going to be big. What he hadn't expected, however, was to get hit with 3,000 new clients by 11 a.m. on the day his deal premiered. In the year since then, the owner of Yoga Shelter has sold approximately 15,000 daily deal coupons. But no longer with Groupon...

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Verve Wireless CMO: Making Mobile Content Profitable

No Comments 11 January 2012 by

Verve Wireless serves up one of the largest local mobile ad networks and offers a mobile publishing platform as well. Street Fight caught up with the San Diego-based company's chief marketing officer Greg Hallinan to discuss how local content can be monetized on mobile and the future of the mobile ad stack...

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6 CRM Tools for Better Daily Deal Customer Retention

9 Comments 10 January 2012 by

Merchants who go into their promotions with systems in place to manage and track the influx of new customers report significantly higher levels of satisfaction. Here are six popular CRM tools that can help track redemptions, collect email addresses, analyze revenue data, and drive repeat sales long after their promotions have ended.

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Local Quotables: Moyal, Mims, Tolles, Lessin and more…

2 Comments 06 January 2012 by

As the first week of 2012 commences, everyone is speculating about what will happen this year in the hyperlocal industry. Jonathan Moyal sees Lucky Ant helping communities play a bigger role in local business. Jeremy Mims predicts growth for Groupon and Michelle Jones hopes to create an alternative to Yelp. Also, Sam Lessin describes how Facebook’s check-in with timelines is an entirely new kind of LBS and more.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Delaware Coffee Shop Sees 50% Return for Daily Deal Customers

2 Comments 05 January 2012 by

At The Java House Café in Middletown, Del., (pop. 18,871), Cleo Clarke has run promotions with a couple of daily deals sites. She's managed to turn 50% of those group coupon buyers into repeat customers. Clarke is now exploring Foursquare as a way to tap into her tech-savvy customer base — 90% of whom currently use smartphones...

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Case Studies

Case Study: Southwest Airlines’ Time Limits on LBS

No Comments 04 January 2012 by

Platforms like Foursquare and Facebook haven't had any trouble attracting attention from national brands, but what's the secret to attracting interest from these brands in lesser-known start-ups? According to Southwest Airlines emerging media specialist Christi McNeill, it all comes down to persistence, innovation, and a little bit of hand-holding...

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Lucky Ant Launches, Extending Kickstarter-style Crowdfunding to Local Merchants

1 Comment 02 January 2012 by

The hyperlocal funding platform, launched earlier today, gives small businesses a way to raise money from the communities around them for specific improvement projects — while simultaneously forging deeper bonds with customers and promoting loyalty...

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Street Fight’s 10 Most Popular Stories of 2011

No Comments 30 December 2011 by

From Patch antics to Gannett's Deal Chicken to a Flipboard hyperlocal how-to, here's a look back at some of the Street Fight stories that really touched a nerve (at least as far as pageviews go) during our 8 1/2-month run. Hope you all have a happy new year, and we look forward to bringing you more great content, research, and events about sustainable hyperlocal business models in 2012!

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