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Payment Technology: If it Ain’t Broke… Start an Entire Industry to Fix it.

No Comments 07 April 2014 by

Mobile payments is an exciting area of cultural and technological disruption, and at the same time a solution in search of a problem. Somewhere in all the excitement, we seem to have forgotten that paying for things with cash or credit card ain’t broke. We’ve been covering mobile payments closely on this blog and many [...]

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Red telephone receiver

Phone Leads for Local Businesses: The Unsexy Cousin of the Click (Part II)

No Comments 17 March 2014 by

Beyond bringing in big leads — and SMBs paying handsomely for them — call monetization will be compelled by something else: Opportunity cost. We forecast call volume to SMBs to explode (65 billion by 2016) as a result of increasing mobile usage trends. That's going to mean a whole lot of calls to answer...

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Apple’s Next Trick: Making the Retail POS Disappear

6 Comments 10 February 2014 by

The idea is to enable shoppers to conduct roving transactions throughout retail stores by scanning items with their iPhones, paying on the spot via iTunes then going on their way. No checkout aisles, no gum-snapping shopgirl, no 15 items or less. It creates a world where the mobile device is the POS...

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Phone Leads for Local Businesses: The Unsexy Cousin of the Click

2 Comments 13 January 2014 by

We're seeing tech and media worlds finally come around to what we've been saying for years: phone calls are what businesses want. That's especially true in high-value categories like professional services, autos, travel and insurance. Clicks and impressions, despite a sexier image, aren't as valued in lots of cases...

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Mobile Local Media: The State of the Union

No Comments 16 December 2013 by

The end of the year is upon us and that means top ten lists, year-in-reviews, and predictions galore. Sort of in that spirit but a slightly different format, I've been organizing the way I look at the mobile local world into a few buckets. So as this month’s column, here’s my state of the union in mobile local media...

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Is Variable Product Pricing the Next Horizon in Local Advertising?

No Comments 19 November 2013 by

Proximity-related factors enable predictive modeling around transaction probability. That can then be plugged into an equation to determine price sensitivity or elasticity on an individual level. What discount will get your attention? From there, it's a matter of variable pricing to customers that are new, repeat, faraway, nearby on foot versus driving by at 60 mph, and so on. And that's the key: though we have time-based variable pricing (a la airlines), proximity-based personalized pricing is the next phase.

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Focus Turns to Attribution in Mobile Local Ad Tech

2 Comments 28 October 2013 by

The promise of mobile local advertising continues to invoke the “closed loop” idea. The device’s portability and location awareness means that it goes to the store with you – enabling all new ad performance tracking opportunities. Nothing terribly new there. But it seems like the tech and media worlds are finally acknowledging that 93% U.S. retail spending happens offline. And an increasing share of that — to the tune of about $1.5 trillion — is influenced online and on mobile. So connecting those dots is the name of the game...

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Is Content King in Local Too?

2 Comments 23 September 2013 by

In the pantheon of buzzwords overtaking pitch decks and CMO-speak, "content marketing" is the new darling. The term has legitimate grounding to be fair, but like "long tail" and "web 2.0" in days past, its overuse precedes it. Content marketing also isn't anything new — it's been done for years, albeit under the ethically challenged "advertorial" rubric among other flavors. Now it's new, improved, and hitched to en vogue terms like "native."

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What’s Apple’s Mapping Shopping Spree Really About?

No Comments 26 August 2013 by

Moreso than the features, Apple's post-Mapgate acquisitions are all about what's behind the scenes in this age of big data. This goes back to what a lot of people don't realize about Apple Maps: it's is actually a pretty slick mapping tool. But what it has in dazzle, it lacks data; things like place listings, navigation and public transit...

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Is Foursquare’s SMB Monetization Here for Real?

No Comments 29 July 2013 by

The company may discover that SMBs paradoxically prefer the simplicity of flat pricing over relatively complex (albeit more efficient) performance-based ads. The latter requires some degree of ongoing maintenance which challenges non-tech-savvy or time-starved (read: majority) SMBs. This is one reason for famously high churn for SMB self-serve advertising...

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