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The Uberification of the “1099 Economy”

4 Comments 12 January 2015 by

A new buzzword has emerged in the tech lexicon: “1099 economy.” Referring to the growing ranks of single proprietors and contractors, this trend is part of the massive transformation taking place in the local services economy…

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Handicapping 2015’s Mobile-Local Happenings: 5 Areas to Watch

No Comments 15 December 2014 by

At the crest of a new year, several trends signal what we can expect to see in mobile and location-based media. Next year we’ll see the mobile ad market continue to grow, we’ll see local continue to be Uber-fied, and we’ll see mobile social sharing go local as well…

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OSX Yosemite's "Continuity" feature has received surprisingly little media attention in general and zero coverage for its implications for call monetization. But it could be a glimpse into the sector's future.

Did Apple Just Transform Pay-Per-Call (Without Anyone Noticing)?

4 Comments 18 November 2014 by

OSX Yosemite’s “Continuity” feature has received surprisingly little media attention in general and zero coverage for its implications for call monetization. But it could be a glimpse into the sector’s future.

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Is Apple Pay Set to Power On-Demand Local Services?

1 Comment 27 October 2014 by

Apple Pay’s value as a conduit for local on-demand will be determined by how many apps consumers transact with daily or weekly. If the answer is many, its value as a single entry point to all those apps and services will be validated…

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Is Apple Pay Fixing a Problem Consumers Don’t Have?

1 Comment 29 September 2014 by

Paying with a credit card isn’t broken. So mobile payments have to offer something greater than reducing my wallet by the atomic weight of a credit card. We’re talking tangible benefits like skipping store lines, saving time, or monetary rewards. Without these benefits, I don’t see how the masses will be compelled to change such […]

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The Art of Local Marketing: Becoming Selfie-Aware

No Comments 25 August 2014 by

The jury is still out on the new Foursquare’s scalability and I’ve grown to like it. But it’s no Yelp killer. For one thing, Yelp has 1000+ local ad sales reps — one of its biggest and most underrated assets. I’ve long been bullish on Yelp for that and other reasons. And in the past […]

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Straw sheaf

Mobile Local Apps: To Bundle or Not to Bundle

1 Comment 04 August 2014 by

Facebook last week made the contentious move to force its iPhone and Android app users to “fast switch” to the Messenger app for all future messaging. The outcome will be worth watching for anyone developing mobile apps. Local media players are increasingly faced with decisions about app functionality. That includes whether to unbundle features to […]

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Local’s Sleeping Giants; A Tale of Two Keynotes

1 Comment 30 June 2014 by

We’re at the height of keynote season, and in the past month Apple, Amazon and Google, have all carted out their wares. Local was understated at each, but below the surface were huge implications…

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30 Days Into Foursquare’s Great Schism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

No Comments 02 June 2014 by

Vitals include whether or not Foursquare die-hards will migrate to Swarm. More importantly, will peeling off social and location tracking features to Swarm make Foursquare proper the more broadly applicable and mainstream-friendly local discovery engine it’s hoping to be?

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Facebook’s Path to Dominating Mobile (Local TBD)

No Comments 05 May 2014 by

Facebook Audience Network will apply Facebook’s audience targeting to third party apps, such as those using Facebook Connect for log-in authentication. The beauty of such an off-site network is that it uses Facebook’s data and positioning to continue milking demand for mobile ads, without killing the cow…

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