Heard on the Street, Episode 9: Running Lean with Stadium Goods CEO John McPheters

VC funding is sexy, but sometimes it’s better not to take the money. Operating lean can train founders for optimal practices and efficiencies that will serve them well in the long run, says Stadium Goods co-founder and CEO John McPheters, our latest guest on Heard on the Street. 

Swedish Location Management Company PinMeTo Secures H&M Investment

Local presence management vendor PinMeTo is celebrating an investment from the retail giant in a tactical round the company sees as a stepping stone to further expansion. “Our goal is and has been to expand globally in 2018,” says COO Andre Tiwari, “and H&M brings invaluable knowledge and support for that goal.”

VCs Share 7 Strategies for Hyperlocal Startups Looking to Raise Money

As access to venture capital funding softens within the startup community, it’s becoming even more important for hyperlocal firms to think more strategically about how they’ll fund their great ideas. Here, several top VCs talk about the groundwork that founders need to do to make their funding goals a reality in 2016.

#SFSNYC VIDEO: Where Are Today’s Billion-Dollar Local Opportunities?

In a panel at the annual Street Fight Summit, two experienced venture capitalists active in the local space shared their outlook on funding trends, pitches they frequently hear, and the growing internationalization of startup culture.

Tige Savage: Founders Need to Solve for Degrees of Freedom — Not Valuation

In an interview with Street Fight, Tige Savage, managing director at Revolution Ventures, talks about what went wrong at LivingSocial and Groupon, why founders should solve for “degrees of freedom — not valuation,” and why the next big thing may not come out of Silicon Valley or New York…

Street Fight Daily: LivingSocial Posts Another Loss, ByteLight Raises $3 Million

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologyLivingSocial Posts Another Loss, Valuation Plunges (Washington Post)… Boston’s ByteLight Raises Series A As It Promises To Let Retailers Find You Anywhere (PandoDaily)… VCs Talk Location-Based Services And Why It’s Hard To Invest In Hyperlocal Startups (AdExchanger)…

TownHog Deal Speaks Volumes About VC-Backed Deal Startups

BuyWithMe has been looking to scale to catch up with Groupon and LivingSocial, and this is its sixth acquisition this year. TownHog, which has a strong footprint in the Bay Area, where it was started, is a nice feather in their cap.

But TownHog was backed by some serious hitters. As TechCrunch noted, “The company…was backed by a host of star investors (Jawed Karim of YouTube fame and Kevin Hartz of Xoom / Eventbrite to name but a few)…”