6 Platforms Merchants Can Use to Capture After-Hours Leads

More and more consumers expect the small businesses in their own communities to be open when they’re ready to book appointments or ask questions, regardless of the time of day. Here are six examples of platforms local merchants can use to increase conversion rates outside of traditional business hours.

7 Ways Booking Platforms Can Utilize Location Technology

Booking vendors use location technology to personalize and streamline the online scheduling experience for consumers. This, in turn, benefits the businesses that use these platforms because it makes their clients more likely to schedule more frequent appointments.

How Vendors Can Persuade SMBs to Adopt Mobile Payments

If hyperlocal vendors are going to continue growing their networks of merchants willing to accept mobile payments, they’re going to have to find ways to get small business owners excited about the concept. Here are nine strategies for doing just that…

7 M-Commerce Strategies for SMBs

SMBs that don’t have mobile commerce enabled are practically inviting shoppers who can’t wait until they get home to make purchases to switch their business over to larger retail outlets. Here are seven m-commerce strategies from experts in the field…