Case Study: Salon Leverages Free Wi-Fi to Evaluate Digital Promotions

Collecting customer email addresses and generating Facebook “likes” are two tasks that are at the top of virtually every small business marketer’s to-do list. Edges Salon & Spa has a system in place to streamline this process and encourage customer loyalty at the same time. For the past seven months, it has been offering customers free Wi-Fi in exchange for the chance to learn about their behaviors and engage them on mobile.

5 Tools Local Merchants Can Use to Segment In-Store Visitors

Loyal customers are incredibly valuable to local merchants. A new class of hyperlocal platforms is helping small business owners pinpoint and engage with repeat visitors using a combination of in-store beacons, geo-location tools, and customer segmentation technology. Here are five platforms that enable merchants to track visit frequency and send highly targeted promotions to maximize sales among their most valuable customers.

6 Strategies for Growing a Business Using App Analytics

Advertisers are spending $20.7 billion to reach consumers through mobile apps, and they’re looking for ways to measure ROI. We connected with a few industry insiders to ask how marketers should use app analytics to measure the value of their mobile properties.