6 Ways Mobile Shopping Apps Are Targeting In-Store Customers

More retailers are attempting to utilize the data breadcrumbs that shoppers leave behind when they use mobile devices in and around physical stores. Mobile shopping companion apps that add contextual intelligence layers — and target consumers in the moments when they’re most persuadable — are catching on among national retailers.

8 Branding Strategies for Hyperlocal Vendors

A strong brand strategy is the foundation of a winning launch, even though developing the strategy can increase the time it takes to get a new product to market. Here are eight brand development strategies for hyperlocal vendors, from founders and executives who’ve been in the trenches themselves.

10 Ways Retailers Can Create Awareness of In-Store Mobile Channels

Consumers increasingly prefer to communicate with businesses through their smartphones rather than face-to-face, even while they’re shopping in-store. Retailers have reacted to this shift by investing in beacons and mobile apps. But many are finding that use of these technologies is low because consumers don’t realize they exist. To understand how merchants should go about building these relationships and creating awareness of their mobile channels, we spoke with seven industry experts.

How to Assess Demand for a Hyperlocal Platform

Here are five examples of ways that hyperlocal vendors have assessed demand for their products or services and used that information to better refine the platforms they developed…

7 Strategies for Boosting Digital Coupon Conversions

More than 96 million U.S. adults will redeem a digital coupon this year, and nearly half of women ages 35 to 54 say they would like to receive mobile coupons via text. For merchants offering digital coupons, along with the hyperlocal vendors providing this technology, the question becomes how to boost conversions and drive as many coupon redemptions as possible. Here are seven strategies for boosting conversions with digital coupons, presented by experts in the field of digital deals and targeted promotions…

8 Tools For the In-Store Delivery of Mobile Coupons

Sixty-three percent of shoppers say they would be more likely to make a purchase if they received a coupon during their shopping experience. Still, only 27% of companies have plans to implement location-based marketing in 2013. Here are eight straightforward tools that retailers can use to satisfy consumer demand and drum up additional sales with the delivery of mobile coupons…

LBMA Podcast: Thumbvista’s Linden Skeens

In this week’s episode, Nordstrom brings Pinterest into its stores; eMart’s flying store; What3Words tries to make physical location easier with 3 words; Shopperception goes deep into buyer behavior in physical stores; WyWy signs up Vodafone for cross-screen advertising; Foursquare and Deezer partner for concert check-ins. Plus special guest Linden Skeens of Thumbvista….

5 Tips for Building a Smarter Geofence

The number of advertisers using “geo-aware” technology in their mobile ad campaigns jumped from 17% in 2011 to 36% in 2012, according to a report by Verve Mobile, and yet there is still confusion in the marketplace over what makes a geofencing campaign useful, and when location targeting is necessary to achieve a high ROI. Here are five strategies for creating a smarter, more strategic geofencing campaign…