5 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Can Utilize On-Demand Services

Businesses that sell physical goods are discovering that they can cut costs and increase services for their customers by forming partnerships with on-demand apps rather than competing on their own. Here are five examples of ways that brick-and-mortar businesses can start utilizing on-demand services.

10 Reasons That On-Demand Services Fail

Hundreds of startups have flooded the market with “Uber for X” models in the past few years, but the landscape in 2016 is filled with just as many failures as successes. We asked some of those that have found success to map out the potential pitfalls that they and other have encountered along the way.

Street Culture: Thirstie Holds Focus on Engagement and Slow Growth

The company’s CEO said he is witnessing many on-demand companies slowly but surely go out of business, and is more convinced than ever that offering that extra little bit of knowledge to customers is what will inspire them to spend more time with Thirstie, and return to the app on a regular basis.

Street Fight Daily: Google’s Mobile Update, Facebook’s Influence on the News

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Boost Has Rolled Out… Facebook and the News: Trends, Filter Bubbles and Algorithmic Bias…

7 On-Demand Liquor Delivery Services

As the on-demand economy matures, vendors are narrowing their focus with more niche products and services. One of the hottest subgroups of on-demand services right now involves liquor delivery…