Displacement and Measuring the Unknown in Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution

Now more than ever, conversions are the metric used to measure the value of every pit stop along the customer journey as it moved across multiple devices and channels. Displacement-based attribution strategies help marketers stay in step with consumers.

Street Fight Daily: Yelp’s New Home Services Feature, Return of the QR Code?

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Now You Can Get Price Quotes for Home Services Inside Yelp (BuzzFeed)… Will Facebook Salvage QR Codes from the Dustbin of Local Marketing History? (Blumenthals)… Cross-Device Campaigns 60% Better Than PC-Only for Offline Conversions (Marketing Land)…

Labor Issues Aren’t the Only Hazard in Uber’s Business Model

Uber-for-X innovators and investors be warned: several elements of Uber’s market inoculated it against three hazards associated with the single service model: Trigger Infrequency, Customer Loyalty, and Market Density.

The Conscientious Consumer: A Disruption Opportunity in Local On-Demand

As innovators sacrifice worker interests on the altar of consumer satisfaction and gain market dominance, here are three growing vulnerabilities they should look out for…

Lessons Learned From the Call Analytics Trenches

It may be a long time before the true value of call analytics data is fully realized, but I’ve been recording the digital marketing revolution one (often uncertain) hello at a time…