6 Things I Learned About Local By Failing in Local

I remember the bright-eyed conversation I had with my eventual partner Ed Lucero that sparked Tackable. It was 2009, and Instagram was being born somewhere else. The iPhone was brand new, and developers were racing to build apps that captured the power of local information. There are two worlds out there, I told Ed, the physical world and the digital world. Overlay the two, and things get interesting. Imagine!

Tackable Team Introduces New Hyperlocal App to Crowdsource Events

With Eventster, the developers at Tackable are hedging their bets on the belief that events discovery, not a down economy or general apathy, is the main reason why approximately 40 percent of industry tickets go unsold. To more effectively target users, the application will, over time, recommend events based on past preferences, in addition to location.

Local Quotables: Stangel, Biggs, Hyslop and More

The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry. Luke Stangel thinks augmented reality development could mean huge things for hyperlocal; John Biggs blasts hot new app Highlight for sharing users’ information without permission; Kate Hyslop reinforces the importances of an online presence for local businesses; and more…

iPad 3 Predictions: What Will Apple’s New Tablet Mean for Local?

It’s always hard to foresee the effects that new products will have, but here are five predictions from the people in the industry about how the iPad 3 could impact location technology…

Advice for Patch’s New Content Chief

If Patch can create an easy way for communities to report on sports events — with minimal or no effort — and then serve up that content in a relatively readable format, the upside would be huge. Also, get rid of your middle management layer. All of it. Hyperlocal works best in conditions of hyper-autonomy, without an overseer and a style enforcer…

Is TapIn the Future of Hyperlocal?

To be honest, I hate writing about this startup because it was an idea I wanted to pursue myself. But over the past week I’ve been playing with TapIn, a hyperlocal news application created by Silicon Valley software startup Tackable. Available in the iTunes store, TapIn allows users to overlay a variety of pieces of information (deals, news, events) over a local interface. But what I was really interested in, more than anything, was the photo assignment engine behind Tackable.

Local News + Google Maps + Social Media = TapIn

Location-based photojournalism platform Tackable has partnered with The California Newspapers Partnership to create an iPad app called TapIn, which allows users to view layered information (including news stories, coupons, business listings, services, and events — as well as user-generated images and video) on top of a location-aware map…