#SFSW16 VIDEO: Rethinking Restaurants — Local Tech Remakes an Industry

Restaurants are a particularly large and important vertical in local, and as such they’ve long been a testing ground for a variety of digital products. Now a new generation of companies is starting to use local marketing and delivery services to rethink what a restaurant is and how we think about our dining experiences.

#SFSW16: Identifying the Location ‘Currency of Local’

“The way we categorize data is it’s probabilistic,” said Juice Mobile CEO Neil Sweeney at Street Fight Summit West. “If you are acquiring or buying location from bid stream data, your location is inferred and inherently flawed.”

#SFSW16: Location Solves Data Glut Says HERE Exec

Goubert says one of the biggest questions that comes up when people start talking about data is, is more always better? “We all love data because we think data is the oil of the next industry,” he said. “We all want more.” But collecting data for the sake of collecting data is a common mistake, and Goubert said the first step in solving most big data dilemmas is to add a location angle…

#SFSW16: YP’s Biggest Competitor? SMBs’ ‘Guy’

Fragmentation is changing the local marketing industry, with smaller sellers encroaching on a space that was once reserved for large national agencies. At Street Fight Summit West, YP CEO David Krantz said the influx of competition is making it tougher to sell bigger advertising services.

#SFSW16: Yelp Announces New CPC Program

Ten new partners in one week, a “Twitter firehose for local analytics,” and an appearance at Street Fight Summit West 2016. The new programs are helping to further Yelp’s mission to make the local marketing ecosystem less daunting for merchants…

#SFSW16: Why the ‘Gig Economy’ Is Not the Future of Work

In a morning keynote at Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco on Tuesday, Thumbtack CEO Marco Zappacosta discussed the challenges facing skilled professionals and long-term trends within the service sector.

Yelp Extends Online Booking Capabilities With New Platform Partners

Yelp took another step in its expansion into the online booking arena this morning, with the announcement that it would be adding five new platform partners to its roster: Whittl, TicketNetwork, delivery.com for laundry, Peek and foodjunky.